Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks Mindy!

So if it wasn't for my sister Mindy i don't think i would have ever made one of these...actually even if i wanted to i don't know if i coulda because she walked me through a lot of stuff to even set it up. I like to think i am computer friendly but i learned from this experience that that only apply's to certain things:) Anyways so my life is pretty crazy lately, between work and summer school and still trying to find time for my husband because he always wants to go the lake! We did go the other day and i was kinda scared to go in the water....but i jumped in....had to hold my breath for a little bit because i was in shock from the cold water....but after a minute i didn't wanna get out it felt really nice with the hot sun. Summer is coming and i love it!
So today there was a mini tournament at the golf course and i was helping out. Anyways to make a long story short Kyle and i quickly went to go move some sprinklers on the golf course and some where along the way i lost my cell phone:S Which really sucked because if my phone was lost forever Kyle and i would be totally out of all cell phones because he decided to go swimming with his for 2 hours and as you would guess it is completely fried! So i searched the golf course high and low and went over the trail we took 6 times over. Finally 2 hours later i got Kyle to come and help me and he was able to find it right away, he must have lazar eyes or something. So everything is all good now...i have my phone....i am inside where i am not melting from the heat....and my teacher just emailed me to give me an extension on an assignment so i think i might take the night off and go to the lake. Well cya later!!