Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pants on fire!

So a couple weeks ago I was picking out some clothes for Kyle and I to wear for our family pictures we were getting. I wanted them to kinda match and look nice togther. Kyle was not into picking so I was looking in our closet for a long time and there is a light at the top of our closet that I had on so I could see better. Anyways right when we finally picked I turned to Kyle and said do you smell something burning? He said no so I just went on with whatever I was was only a couple minutes later I asked him again, "are you sure you don't smell anything burning?" He said no again. Anyways to make a long story short I smelt it again and I knew forsure that there was something wrong and I needed to find out where that smell was coming from because I knew it was a burning smell. So I was running all over the house trying to pin point where the smell was coming from and I all of a sudden had the weirdest feeling come over me and it said look in the closet. As soon as I got that thought in my head I ran to the closet and looked up at the light. A pair of Kyle's work pants was up against the light and the light had gotten so hot it started to burn a hole right through them. I grabbed them and I saw that it had already bruned a hole through 2 layers of the folded pants! I went to call my mom to tell her the crazy news when kyle said, "Throw those pants outside they stink!" Which they really did haha but as soon as he threw them outside they seriously spontaneously combusted into flames!! It was crazy! Well here are some pictures! Needless to say we no longer have a light bulb in our closet ahha!

The burnt lightbulb!
The pants!