Thursday, December 20, 2012

My baby and Me

So I think it is hard to look at your children sometimes and decide who you think they look like. Sometimes it depends on the day or the moment or sometimes it is just hard to see yourself in others! Anyways I found thing picture the other day and I was amazed. I thought I was look at my baby Noah!! I always thought Noah looked a lot like me but then you have those people who say the opposite. Sometimes when he smiles and makes certain faces I can see little flashes of Kyle. He will probably change but I couldn't believe at his time in his life how much we resemble each other! This is Noah at around 4 months old and the back of the photo of me said 2 months.

Friday, December 14, 2012

5 months!!!

My little Noah is 5 months old already!! The time is just going by way to quickly!! I was so excited for my baby to be born and now he is changing everyday and learning new things and it feels like he just got here!! He is becoming more and more fun everyday!! I love being Noah's mommy :) In the last month we have stayed home a lot. Between Mindy, Logan and summer moving and mom went with them to Texas for a while and dad went to work in Mexico all at the same time there just wasn't any reason to go to cranbrook. I went a few times because I had some appointments and it was really lame!! All the people I love the most and would go to town specifically to see were gone! But mom and dad are back now which is nice but we miss the other 3!! But staying home has had it's benefits. Noah and I have really gotten used to keeping each other company!! Noah doesn't usually sleep with me because we both don't sleep very well together but a few weeks ago we had a hard night and were up very early and so we stayed in bed and watched a movie on my ipad. Well half way through he started getting upset so I put the ipad down to help him but as soon as I did he just snuggled into my side, closed his eyes and fell right asleep!! It was so sweet I didn't want to move so I just closed my eyes to and we had the best nap together!! I love my little man!! These small moments make up for everything!! Anyways here are a few new things Noah has learned how to do in the past month:
- Noah discovered his feet!! He was in the bathtub one day and I always sit him up to wash his back but on this particular day his hand landed on his left foot which I'm sure has happened many times before. But this time it caught his attention and he got very excited. He kept hitting it over and over and would not stop staring at his left foot. Well the next morning he confirmed to me he had really found his feet because he kept reaching for his left foot but by the next day he finally discovered he had 2 feet haha. Now he just try's to eat them all the time. When he is in his little counter top Chair he will lean right forward and eat his feet. It is kinda funny.
- he also learned how to roll over!! This was an exciting one!! He has done it a few times on accident but just over a week ago he did it for Kyle one night. Than the next day he did it a few times again but he always would get his one arm stuck. Well by struggling with that one arm all day he finally got it out and now he will not stop!! You cannot just put him down anywhere anymore because he is a crazy mover!! He gets so excited it's cute!! He pushes up his head and looks for your attention and than gives a big smile and bury's his face into his blanket! He's so funny!!
- we just got weighed on Wednesday and he is just under 16lb!! He is starting to get a little chunk to him. Like on his legs!! I love my little chunky man!!
- Noah went and got pictures with Santa and he didn't even cry!! He was just calm and had no expression really! We had to work real hard to get him to make any face at all!!
- also Noah slept in his crib for the first time 2 nights ago!! Tonight is his third night. The first one was really bad but last night was ok. So we will see how it keeps going!! He can't sleep in our room forever :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 months!!!

My little Noah is 4 months old already and I can't believe it!! It feels like he just got here and yet I can't imagine my days without him anymore!! When you have a baby your day is so wrapped around making then happy that you kinda don't pay much attention to time or anything and than all of a sudden you're like oh it's dinner time....the day is almost over...what?? Haha that's the best way to describe my life right now :) But no I really do love being a mom!! I didn't realize how much I wanted Noah or even how ready I was for this stage in my life until it happened!! Some women say they don't bond with their baby instantly but I for sure did!! The moment I held Noah I didn't want to ever let him go again!! He was mine and I knew right than and there that I was going to do all it took to make sure he would always be safe and happy!! It's crazy how your mind just instantly switches into something new where instead of thinking of ways to make you happy and do things you want, everything changes focus to your children. Like for instance I plan things around Noah's naps and make sure I'm home for his bath and bedtime. And instead of looking at fabric and stuff for me on the Internet (like I used to almost everyday) I look at baby clothes haha!! We went to calgary 3 times this fall and I think I bought maybe 2 things for myself. Everything else was for Noah :) haha!!
Anyways I want to post every month and write down all the new little things Noah likes and can do now!! I don't want to miss anything and it goes by way to quickly!! So Noah is now 4 months old and here are a few things about him!
- he loves to talk!! He has started to talk a lot lately but now he does it all the time. If you talk to him he loves to talk back. He loves it when I mimic his noises and we take turns talking back and forth :)
- his tooth is now no where to be found!! He drools like a faucet though so sometimes I wonder why I put him in these really cute outfits all the time because all he does is drool like crazy so he has to wear a bib all the time!!
- Noah lives his big cousin Logan!! He loves to watch him be crazy and loves when Logan talks to him!! Logan is so sweet to Noah!! Whenever he hears him cry he starts running around saying susu? Susu? That means soother haha! And he really will bring it over and give it to Noah!! Also whenever I lay Noah on the ground he comes over (most of the time at a full sprint) and than stops and very gently rubs his head and gives him kisses on his forehead and talks to him. It is so sweet to watch them together. I can't wait to watch them grow up together. Logan and baby Summer are gone now. They moved on the 14th which was really sad!! I'm just glad we have things like Skype where we can video chat and still see each other!!
- Noah is also very interested in what is going on around him!! He likes to be up where you are and be a part of the action haha!! Like whenever I am using my kitchen aid or making dinner he likes me to sit him in his little chair right on the counter and watch. He thinks my kitchen aid is funny when it spins really fast :)
- he is 15 lb 5oz now. He isn't very chunky in once place in particular he is just one solid man all the way down. He is like a brick haha!
But that is all for now!! I want to try and be better at writing these things down because I know I will be sad if I don't!!

Noah all ready for the trick or treater to come :)
Big Boy sitting up!!
My happy boy!
Grandma and King Noah!!
Noah at his first movie "Wreck it Ralph." We went with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Mindy, Logan and baby Summer!!
We had a bon fire in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard!!

This is what Noah likes to do when I am in the Kitchen!! He likes to be a part of all the action!!!
His 4 month picture!! All dressed up in his church clothes still

Monday, March 5, 2012

20 Weeks!

So 20 weeks and I definitely look pregnant! It was like as soon as I popped a little it just kept growing haha and quickly!! But as much as some days are uncomfortable it is really exciting!! We had our ultra sound last Tuesday and that was very exciting!! It was so fun to be able to see our baby. Like I know there is something alive in there because I can feel it now. I am not sure if I talked about that yet but ya I can feel the baby move now :) But anyways even though I knew something was in there it is way different to actually see that there really is something inside there and it is a human being that I am growing myself!! It really puts another spin on the idea of a miracle for me! Like I am a living thing myself and I am now creating another one like me! I know babies are born everyday but it is different when you are going through it! But anyways I will have to put up some ultra sound pictures another day this week!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Weeks!!

So it's baby belly has definately popped :) haha and it seriously was over night. When people say it happens over night they seriously are not kidding haha! Anyways it is exciting. Last night I was awake all night because I was having crazy stomach pain that just would not stop. It was so tight and crampy and my lower back was killing me and I couldn't figure out why I was having such bad pain all of a sudden. But it kept me up all night because as soon as I would fall kinda asleep I would shift or move or something and it felt like the baby would move inside and it would just kill!! Than when I got up this morning is was still horrible. My stomach was so tight it was pulled flat and was seriously like a rock. It hurt to bend to get the shampoo in the shower or bend my legs to get dressed. It was crazy. But as the day went on it relaxed a little and around 10:30 I went to the bathroom at work and looked in the mirror and I couldn't believe it, my stomach was totally popped out. Bigger than it has ever been before. At lunch my mom was even shoked how much I had changed over night. So I am concluded that is what all the pain was about last night, my stomach was stretching and getting ready for the big showing I guess haha.

But the other exciting news is that I can feel my baby move :) I was laying in bed yesterday morning before church and all of a sudden I felt something. I told Kyle and he put his hand where I was feeling it but of course he couldn't feel anything. It was so light I didn't want to move because I didn't want it to stop. I wasn't sure if it was the baby forsure or not but as the day went on the feeling went from light gas bubble feelings to little flutter kick feelings! So I was pretty sure it was the baby! And than today when I was driving to work it all of a sudden felt like something poked me from the inside and than for the rest of today it did not stop. There was ever a minute around lunch time it went crazy for like a whole minute. It is very exciting but really weird at the same time. Just because it is a feeling that you cannot control and it just happens out of the blue. But I love it because I told Kyle it is just a daily confirmation that yes my baby is still alive and growing inside there!! I know I am only almost half way done and have a long way to go but I am just so excited to meet this new little person!! I can't wait to have my family grow! It is a life changing experience and I am so grateful to be able to have such a wonderful husband to share all the exciting moments with :) I love you Kyle!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

16 weeks

So here are my 16 week photos. This was on Monday so I am almost 17 weeks now (on Sunday) which doesn't make much of a difference in my size but I am assuming it will start to change more drasticly in the next few weeks! I am feeling really good lately. Other than bad crampy on some days and as for my head aches I havn't gotten one in about a week so things are looking good and hopefully they stay that way! I can't believe I am almost half way done this journey! When you talk about getting pregnant everyone tells you that there is 9 months to plan and prepare and get used to the idea which is true but time goes by so fast. You don't realize it until you have something to base it on! Especially working, it really makes your days and weeks go by fast because you are always looking for the weekend or spring break haha!

But as of last night Kyle and I made our first baby purchase. It is a chariot! It you don't know what that is it is a really nice stroller. We knew we wanted one but didn't feel rushed but when we found a website where they were on a big sale we just had to jump on it and now we are the proud owners of an "avocado" green cougar chariot :) Haha I just had to add that the color was called avocado green because apparently our baby is the size an avocado right now so it kinda made me laugh :) I know what a thing to get excited about but I think it is more of the fact that I will have a baby of my own to put in it is what makes me most excited!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

12 and a half weeks....

So about a week ago at lunch my sister Mindy asked me is I have taken any pictures of myself yet. I told her ya but I didn't like them so not really any that I wanted to keep. I told her the problem was by the time Kyle gets home from work we eat dinner and than I feel kinda crappy and the last thing I want is my picture taken. So she said she would officially be preggo photographer! So that way my picture is taken in the middle of the day when I still feel and good and think I look alright too :) So this is first picture of my pregnancy journey! Not very big yet but I do feel like I am getting a premanent ponch which I am not used to but thats ok! That just means everything is going good! We also got to hear our baby's heart beat on Tuesday. It was very exciting. We kept hearing these thump sounds and than our midwife told us that everytime we hear that noise that is our baby kicking. So we know he is developing good because he is moving around!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our exciting news!!

So I have an announcement......I am pregnant! We are very very excited! My due date is July 23rd which is funny because it is 2 days before my birthday! Our families are both so happy. This will be my mom and dads 2nd grandbaby and as for Kyle's family...well Rylee is due in February, Tessa is due in April and I am due in July so it will be a really fun year for cousins and Kyle's parents getting there all at once!! But that will make 7 grandkids on the Anderson side! So many babies but it is all so much fun! I was 3 months on Sunday so I am already in my second trimester. It really doesn't feel like that much time has past. It still seems like July is so far away but I know it is gonna come really fast. Especially because I am working that makes days go by quickly. But I have been doing pretty good. We already got to have an ultrasound! It was our early christmas present to see our baby because we went on December 22nd and it was really neat! Here is a picture of our baby!! It is a little fussy because we scanned it but you can still understand it.