Friday, April 19, 2013

Noah is 9 Months Old!!

My baby boy is growing up way to quickly!! It is exciting but sad at the same time. I wish I had more time to enjoy this special time of my life. I now understand what my Mom meant when she would say she would love to go back in time for a day to enjoy us as little kids again!! So Noah is a turning into a crazy little boy. He has always been loud and such but now he is totally on the move and is everywhere. He is either getting into things of hitting his head. And while he is doing all of this he is very loud. When you find him where ever he may be he just starts doing this crazy laugh and gives you the biggest smile!! He is just so funny!! So here is a bunch of stuff that has gone on in the past month.

First of all I had Noah weighed on the 5th of April and he weighed pretty much exactly 20 lbs so he has slowed down a bit but he is still a solid little man.

Noah babbles and talks a lot and one of the more constant things he says is "dada" or "ada ada." I didn't think he was connecting it to anything yet but in March one night I was feeding him dinner when Kyle walked in the door from work and Noah got so excited! But when Kyle went in his closet to put his work clothes away Noah made a very unhappy face and started yelling "dadadadadada!" Until Kyle came over he would not stop and when he finally came over he just started luaghing and smileing!! Funny kid know's his dad!!

On March 22nd Noah was in his excersaucer and I went to go pick him up and he put his arms up in the air for me to pick him up!! Now he does that everytime!!

Noah can officially pick up his tiny snacks and eat them properly. He has been able to pick up tiny things for a long time now. I know that because our dog buddy likes to take mouth fulls of food and bring them where ever we are in the house, drop it and than eat it there. So one day I saw Noah found some left behind food of buddy's and he was able to pick it up. He didn't try to eat it, which I'm sure will happen soon, but he just wanted to check it out I guess. But ya he has been able to do that for a while so when I give him snacks he likes to try and feed himself but he is not always very successful. He didn't have the concept down of how to pick up the food and get it into his mouth and than bring his hand out without bringing the food back out with it haha. It was a battle to say the least. But he has got it now! Now the challenge is not getting to excited and just picking up one at a time instead of a handful and dropping them all haha.

At the beginning of the month Noah didn't know how to crawl yet but that did not stop him from moving. I used to pick him up when he would get frustrated and everytime he would roll off the carpet I would move him back on so he was not on the hard floor but I just decided I would let him struggle and little bit and see what he would do. Well this is what he learned how to do. Noah is a really awesome roller and a fast one at that and so he would just roll to where ever he would want to go, than lay on his belly, spin, and than start rolling again in a new direction till he got to where he wanted to be! He would seriously get around the whole house doing this. It was so funny!
But on March 27th Noah crawled for the very first time. Of course I am with him all day but the time he decides to do it I am not home haha. I was at my activity days and Kyle was watching him. He got it on video tape though so it was still very exciting. I don't know if you would call it a crawl though. It is more of a slide, or an army crawl. he just uses his arms and bends one of his legs out to the side and than pushes himself forward! Even though I missed it the first time he did not hesitate to show me how it was done first thing the next morning. And now he is getting so fast at it. It makes him so excited to be able to move. He follows me all around the house. One day I went out to the freezer in the garage and left the door open and when I came back out of the garage Noah had crawled out of the house and was on the deck yelling at Kyle who was on our front lawn hitting golf balls! He loves the freedom! He is getting close to doing an actual crawl now. He loves to go up on his knees and rock back and forth. Sometimes I lay on the floor with him and he loves that too. He loves to crawl over you and be crazy like that. He even tries to crawl his way out of my arms when I am holding him if that makes any sense.  He is crazy!!

On March 28th I was getting ready for the day and Noah was in his counter top chair in the bathroom with me. He was talking as usual and all of a sudden just out of the blue he said Mama!! He doesn't say it a ton yet but every once in a while he will say it and it is soooo cute!! I can't wait till he can really say it to me!!

On March 29th we celebrated Kyle's birthday by going to the Calgary temple with Jamie and my family!! It was reallly nice! We havn't been to the temple together since before Noah was born!! It has been a very long time! But we left Noah with my cousin Jacey and her boyfriend Mike and it was the first time I have left him with anybody other than my mom so I was a little nervous but it turned out great! They said he was great and it was a nice break!!

We celebrated Noah's first Easter! It was really early this year but despite that we had the best weekend. The weather was beautiful and we were having fun doing something everyday. On the Friday it was Kyle's birthday and we were in Calgary which I already talked about. Than Saturday we went to the church for our annual Easter breakfast with everyone and than for the rest of the day we were pretty much outside. The weather was amazing and so beautiful! Than later in the day we decorated our easter eggs with the whole Anderson fam. Than on Sunday we had Easter dinner with the Anderson family and did an egg roll down a big hill with all our eggs. The little kids loved it.

On April 1st, Easter Monday, we had a big easter dinner at my parents house but the best part was at the end of the night I had just got noah in his PJ's and he was sitting on my dads lap in thier living room playing with him and my dad was being crazy and goofy of course and Noah just started to clap his hands! It was so cute!! Now he does it a lot. Like one day the only way I could get Noah to eat his breakfast was to clap my hands and say "yay" after each bite!! Little stinker!!

Noah has also tried new food this month. He tried turkey, chicken, potatoes, prunes, plums, cottage cheese (which he hates!! haha), brown rice, and his new favorite baby banana raisin oatmeal that I bought!! He seriously loves it!! I make it and than mash up 1/2 of a fresh banana in it and he eats it so fast! It is probably his biggest meal of the day and I'm convinced it is because he loves it so much!! It is fun to discover what their favorite foods are. It is not hard to tell!

Well this past month has been a busy one with Noah moving and all. That totally throws a new wrench in everything but I totally love it!! I will always remember my sister Mindy telling me that even though you wish you could keep yous kids small forever there is true joy in every new stage and I am really starting to understand that! Even though Noah is not my cuddly new baby anymore he is my crazy happy busy moving boy and I love it!! They is nothing that makes me happier than seeing him smile and hearing him laugh!! I would not trade Noah for anything in the world! He is truely my everything!

Cool dude in his new shades haha!

Brand new tie made by mommy!! I used one of Kyles old ties and I love it!!

My family outside the Temple. It was a special day for Jamie and we were so glad to be able to share it with her
In calgary after the temple!! Birthday dinner at Smash Burger!! P.S. Noah likes ice cream :)

Noah's first Easter weekend and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful!! We spent the whole day outside in the sun. This is Noah's new hat daddy bought him for Easter. They match!!

Decorating easter eggs with the fam! Noah slept the whole time haha!
Me and my babe!! Love him so much!!

The Easter Bunny has arrived and Noah's favorite part was the Easter grass of course haha!

All ready for church in our new easter tie! We just couldn't get enough of the sun!!

Love these pictures!! Noah just looks so happy!!

Easter dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Orth's house!

Grandma and Noah!!
Showing off his new easter shirt from Grams!!

At Emilee's 7th birthday party! Noah didn't even notice the hat on his head! Funny boy.

Whenever he is done nurseing he will just stop himself and this is the face I always get! Funny

We are MOVING!! He loves going under the table!

We went for a hike and one Saturday with my family!! Noah loves his new hiking back pack!!

This is how I found Noah one day after his nap! This is the side of his crib right next to his door. He was tying to hard to climb out. When I opened the door his little arm was actually through the crib and was reaching for the door haha!! So funny! I love his little eye.

One of his other favorite foods: yogurt!! 

Under our kitchen table!! So much fun!

Out for a walk!! Love it!

He is a crazy bath boy now too! We got rid of the bath chair when he learned how to get out of it and would just float around it haha!! So now we crawl and slide around in the bath!