Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to school....Back to school

It is funny how even though Highlands is my work I still refer to it at my school. Anyways ya I am back at work. I finally started on October 26th and I only work 2 days that week. I have continued only working 2 days since then by next week I try going to 3 days. It isn't that my work is hard, I am enjoying it. It is just that I have been getting a lot of back pain and I am pretty sure it is due to going back to work. I have been just dealing with it because I feel like I just need to keep pushing forward but lately it has been getting worse. I feel like I am going backwards with my progress of getting stronger. I have been trying to still go the pool 2 times a week but I have to amit I have not been doing my at home exercises so I guess I need to get on that! I am going for a massage tomorrow morning which I am very excited about and than monday I am going to try and go back to my chiropractor. But other than that life has been good. The weather has sure changed a lot. It has gotten a lot of colder and last weekend it even snowed in Cranbrook. We still havn't gotten any snow out here yet but I don't think it is far away. On saturday Kyle and I put up all our christmas lights outside and cleaned up our deck and just outside stuff. It looks a lot nicer ot have things cleaned up and put away for winter. Now all we need is to hurry up and get to CHRISTMAS! haha I love christmas. The other day my Aunt Gerri put up her christmas tree...yes she does things a little early but it was so much fun helping her that we went home to my moms house and put up her downstairs christmas tree! Logan loves it. My mom bought this toy christmas train that goes around the tree in a circle and it is so cool. It is not just Logan who loves it! Haha anyways that is my update for now! bye

Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye September

So september went by insanely fast! I ended up not being able to to go back to work. I have been going to a physio therapist once a week and than a trainer twice a week. They are both great ladies and I love working with them! So that has been taking up a lot of my time but I have noticed a big difference! I am hoping I will be able to go back to work soon but who knows. I just keep doing what they tell me to do and they will let me know when I am ready I guess. We thouhgt I would have been able to go by the end of september but I started having bad knee problems which really sucked. It all started when I was outside once day watering my flowers and I was just walking and my knee was really hurting me all day and all of a sudden it just gave out and I fell flat on the ground. It hurt really bad. I got back up and made it to the house but as soon as I got inside it did it again but luckily I was near the couch and caught myself. We really dont know what the heck is going on but we are assuming it has to do with we working my muscles mores and them getting tired. It has alos been hurting just above my knee right around when I have 2 bolts and we were thinking possibly they could be irritating me but I just have to keep going forward and living with it. It was doing ok with on and off bad days of knee pain until just on Friday. It all came back! It didnt give out or anything but it was just as painful! I am had to resort to sleeping with a pillow under and between my leg. Sleeping is very uncomfortable for me! It really sucks :( But since all my knee issue's I have been having it have set my back from going back to work yet. But we will see.
Anyways other than that things have been going good lately. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing in my house and believe it or not I have thrown a ton of stuff away and I have a huge box of stuff to take to the thrift store today! I still have more to do but it does feel good! I just doing want to be junky. I have done a lot of sewing too which has been fun but most of my time lately has been to canning and perserving food with my mom and sister! I did strawberry rubarb jam and blackberry jam by myself at the end of the summer and since than I have done pickles, spaghetti sauce, peaches, pears, we got 27 dozen corn and cut it off the cob and froze it, Kyle and I have been picking our HUGE apple tree and I have been dehydrating them and I just started making apple pies to freeze yesterday and I am not even half way done haha and next week we are doing a ton of carrots to cut up and freeze! It has been busy but it is all worth it in the end. Kyle and I went a bought a new freezer last week because I need to more room for all my preserving! It feels good to know I have it all and it is fresh and healthy food though! And also living out of town I like having things on hand!
My prize winning pickles haha! I know I'm a dork!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The end is near....

So the end of summer is almost here. Atleast for the school kids, they go back next Tuesday, but I am hoping the nice summer weather will still stick around for a while longer!! August has been a busy one but a really fun month! It all started when the weather started to get super nice and it stayed nice which was great. Than Kyle and I had our 4th year anniversary. We didnt do anything on the day because it just so happed that was the day everyone planned Scott's (Kyle's brother) bachelor party on! At first I was like seriously....couldn't you have picked a different day but it just didn't work and I guess I understood. The went for a helicopter ride all around the area which Kyle said was great and than they all went golfing at this new golfcourse that just opened up this summer called Wildstone! Kylke and I went there with Lloyd and Shirley at the end of July for my birthday and it was really fun! I super nice golf course! But back to our anniversary, since Kyle and I didn't do anything on the day we decided to plan a little getaway. For those of you who don't know Kyle bought a Harley Davidson Bike this spring and he LOVES it! I havn't been able to go on it yet because of my leg and also it only had one seat. But kyle ordered a nice one with a back rest for me and we decided to go on a little holiday on his new bike!! We went over to the went kootenays because it has really fun roads to ride a bike on! We went to Nelson and spent the night, than the next day we went to this little place called New Denver and than went to Ainsworth and stayed the night there and went in the hot springs! I love those hot springs, they have this cave and it is super cool! And than the final day we took a different road home and went on the ferry! We had a great time. I was worried about walking that much without my crutch though so we got a cane and strapped it to the back of the bike :) Very classy I know! Even being crippled it doesn't stop me haha!
Since than we had the Amber's bridal shower and the Anderson family reuion which I already posted about! That was a fun weekend and it was just out luck the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! Oh and don't forget I did 2 wedding cakes at the beginning of August!! I love doing wedding cakes! I mean I like doing other things like for kids and such but I just love doing wedding cakes. The elegance and beauty of them...thats what I like to do!!
And than just last week was Amber and Scott wedding! It was a beautiful day for a wedding! The sun was shineing and it was super hot! I thought I was going to be a crazy crazy day because it was also scheduled to be our branch temple day as well and the primary was asked to organize it and if you don't know the primary consists of Marge our preident, me 1st counceller, and Rylee 2nd councellor who is also my sister-in-law! So Ry and I did what we could a head of time and when the day came we were there for a few hours in the morning and than we had to leave to go get ready for the wedding! It ended up going really smoothly and there was lots of people there to help out when Rylee and I had to leave which was really nice! Oh and also....I did their wedding cake as well so once we did our family photos I had to leave Cardston and drive to Lethbridge to go set up and finish the cake. It turned out amazing considering I had to bring it down to lethbridge in pieces and hope I didn't forget anythng at home! Also I am so happy with it because I had flower trama! Haha So I ordered the flowers for the cake way ahead of time but when they came in I went to go pick them up the next day and the florist's coolers froze overnight so they were dead. But she said not to worry and they would order some in for tomorrow. Well I was on my way to town again when I got the phone call that they came in HOT PINK!! I nearly died. So here I was 2 days before the wedding running around town trying to find something to replace what I had ordered but do you think I could find anything... NO! I ended up getting some dark red berries and than my mom had to wait for a new shipment to come into Safeway the next day to get some red roses. In the end everything turned out great and surprisingly she had the exact red berries in her bridesmaids flowers so it looked like I did it on purpose haha! I don't have a picture of the cake yet because I didn't have my camera so the photographer took a bunch of photos and said she would give them to me but I havn't got them yet! I will put one up when they come though! Amber was a beautiful bride though...she is always beautiful though so it didn't surprise me!!
But now I am just still trying to enjoy my summer :)
Here are some pictures of some of the stuff I just talked about....

And the bike trip begins :)

Being goofy and showing off our assless chaps haha

On the ferry!

These a few wedding pictures I quickly snapped at the wedding!! These are our 4 nieces! They were flower girls...arn't there little outfits adorable!

I love this picture of Kyle and I
And here they are :)

This was on the way home the next day! We all stopped at the little white chapel in the pass haha we are dorks!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Annual Anderson Family Reunion!!!

This past weekend was a fun one! It was the second annual Anderson family reunion up at Tie Lake. It is nice that is it so close to home so everyone can come and go as they please. It all started on Thursday night when us girls planned a bridal shower for Scott's fiance Amber!! It turned out great!! I of course wanted to do the dessert :) I saw this idea of these cake "push-pops" a few months ago and have just been waiting for an excuse to do them. They were a lot of fun to do, not hard at all.
Ok so here are all the flavors I did!!

My dessert table at Amber's Shower!! I absolutely loved it haha :)

All of the Anderson girls finally completed!!

As for the rest of the weekend it was just fun and games at the lake. Everyone took a turn making a meal for everyone which was nice so you only had to cook once. Kyle and I also stayed up at the cabin which was great because when kyle was tired he just went to bed and I could stay up as late as I wanted ahah! Thursday night Rylee, Heidi, Amber and I stayed up just talking around the fire till 3:00am. I know we are stupid but it was fun. Than we all of a sudden heard a noise. It was a deer forsure but than Heidi said, "Hey guys I heard there was a cougar up here recently" and we all instantly ran to the house. If there really was a cougar watching us that night I am pretty sure I would have been the one to die haha because I can't exactly run with my crutch! But it was ok, we survived and the next morning we were so tired. We bummed around in our bathing suits all morning. We pretty much spent every moment we could Friday and Saturday on the boat! We were soooo lucky to get amazing weather, it was super hot and really for a weekend the lake wasn't very busy at all! On saturday we borrowed this air chair from some people we know on the lake and everyone got to try it out. I couldn't do it of course but it was fun to watch :) It is this ski thing you sit and strap yourself to and you like ski while sitting down, it's weird to explain was super cool. I was sick of watching everyone doing stuff and I couldn't so Kyle took kadie and I for a very slow tube ride :) Kadie likes to go fast and go over bumps but I can't do any of that right now. It was fun for me atleast just because I know I am fortunate to be able to even try haha!!
Anyways the weekend was great! Great food, weather, boating and most of all people! The Anderson family are great to me and they have a lot of love to give and for that I am grateful to be a part of it!
Heidi, Amber and Tessa on a crazy tube ride!!

Surfing :)
Kyle & Jacey
The boys decided it would be fun to hang off the back of the boat while it was moving!
Tyler, Scott and Kyle's human chain! The boat was still moving while this was going on haha!

The girls all LOVE buddy :)

Kyle using the air chair for the first time!

It was a great weekend! Can't wait till next year :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Busy Busy....

So lately I have been busy doing something I love to do....doing wedding cakes :) I like doing other cakes to but my favorite thing is really weddings!! The first one was last weekend. It was something new because I have never done a cupcake wedding before and this girl wanted mini cupcakes....300 of them to be exact. It was quick to bake them but decorating them was a whole other story. haha they were so small and were so time consuming because I had to ice them than put pearls on and than transport them without them slideing haha. Luckily I have my best helper! my mother :) She is the best help. I did them at her house because first of all her oven is better than mine and so they bake quickly and second I had to deliver them to the Cranbrook Golf Course which is just by my moms house so that was easier to transport them than all the way from Jaffray. But they turned out great and they tasted great too! I know because we had leftovers and so I had a few :)
As for the second one. That was just yesterday. It was for my best friend Haley's older sister Lindsay so I really wanted to do a good job! This one was fun because I got to use chocolate fondant. I have used it before but not on a whole cake! I really think it turned out great and they absolutely loved it!! When I was done my whole house smelled so strong of chocolate! The cake was chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, chocolate fudge icing and than chocolate fondant on top! I talked to my friend and she said it tasted delicious!! I am very picky about my cakes tasteing just as good as them look!! To me that is a must :) Anyways I hope you enjoy the pictures! Spread the word to anyone having a future wedding!

This photot was taken by the photographer at the wedding!! So nice :)
The flower's were more light purple like this, the other photo's the lighting was just different so they look more pink but they were purple!!

I love the way it turned out! I put my shimmer spray on the cake and the flowers so everything had a nice glow :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

My nephew's 1st birthday!!

My nephew Logan turned 1 a few days ago on June 25th!! It was a super fun day! Of course I was asked to make the birthday cake and if you didn't already notice it was a GIANT caterpillar :) Logan loves baby einstien movies and at the beginning of every show this caterpillar comes crawling out and Logan claps his hands and get super excited every time haha! So we made him the baby einstien caterpillar and it turned out great!!

This is what Kyle and I gave Logan for his birthday! A turtle backpack! The head thing is only to use when it rains, it tucks inside!
Dee Luscher gave him and swing and he was so excited about it we had to give it a try right in the living room!

Funny Mommy :)
We love you sweet baby Logan!!