Thursday, December 20, 2012

My baby and Me

So I think it is hard to look at your children sometimes and decide who you think they look like. Sometimes it depends on the day or the moment or sometimes it is just hard to see yourself in others! Anyways I found thing picture the other day and I was amazed. I thought I was look at my baby Noah!! I always thought Noah looked a lot like me but then you have those people who say the opposite. Sometimes when he smiles and makes certain faces I can see little flashes of Kyle. He will probably change but I couldn't believe at his time in his life how much we resemble each other! This is Noah at around 4 months old and the back of the photo of me said 2 months.

Friday, December 14, 2012

5 months!!!

My little Noah is 5 months old already!! The time is just going by way to quickly!! I was so excited for my baby to be born and now he is changing everyday and learning new things and it feels like he just got here!! He is becoming more and more fun everyday!! I love being Noah's mommy :) In the last month we have stayed home a lot. Between Mindy, Logan and summer moving and mom went with them to Texas for a while and dad went to work in Mexico all at the same time there just wasn't any reason to go to cranbrook. I went a few times because I had some appointments and it was really lame!! All the people I love the most and would go to town specifically to see were gone! But mom and dad are back now which is nice but we miss the other 3!! But staying home has had it's benefits. Noah and I have really gotten used to keeping each other company!! Noah doesn't usually sleep with me because we both don't sleep very well together but a few weeks ago we had a hard night and were up very early and so we stayed in bed and watched a movie on my ipad. Well half way through he started getting upset so I put the ipad down to help him but as soon as I did he just snuggled into my side, closed his eyes and fell right asleep!! It was so sweet I didn't want to move so I just closed my eyes to and we had the best nap together!! I love my little man!! These small moments make up for everything!! Anyways here are a few new things Noah has learned how to do in the past month:
- Noah discovered his feet!! He was in the bathtub one day and I always sit him up to wash his back but on this particular day his hand landed on his left foot which I'm sure has happened many times before. But this time it caught his attention and he got very excited. He kept hitting it over and over and would not stop staring at his left foot. Well the next morning he confirmed to me he had really found his feet because he kept reaching for his left foot but by the next day he finally discovered he had 2 feet haha. Now he just try's to eat them all the time. When he is in his little counter top Chair he will lean right forward and eat his feet. It is kinda funny.
- he also learned how to roll over!! This was an exciting one!! He has done it a few times on accident but just over a week ago he did it for Kyle one night. Than the next day he did it a few times again but he always would get his one arm stuck. Well by struggling with that one arm all day he finally got it out and now he will not stop!! You cannot just put him down anywhere anymore because he is a crazy mover!! He gets so excited it's cute!! He pushes up his head and looks for your attention and than gives a big smile and bury's his face into his blanket! He's so funny!!
- we just got weighed on Wednesday and he is just under 16lb!! He is starting to get a little chunk to him. Like on his legs!! I love my little chunky man!!
- Noah went and got pictures with Santa and he didn't even cry!! He was just calm and had no expression really! We had to work real hard to get him to make any face at all!!
- also Noah slept in his crib for the first time 2 nights ago!! Tonight is his third night. The first one was really bad but last night was ok. So we will see how it keeps going!! He can't sleep in our room forever :)