Friday, October 18, 2013

Here we go again...Baby #2!!

Well the news is out...we are having another baby joining our family. I am due May 31st and we are very excited! It was a bit of a surprise because it only took one month which I did not expect but it was a wonderful surprise! I still have to remind myself a lot that this is happening because I don't have any crazy symptoms that remind me every day and I am also busy with Noah still. That is another crazy thing for me to think about....I already have a baby. At least to me Noah is my baby but I know as soon as this new baby arrives he will look so big over night! That part is kind of sad but I can only imagine how close my 2 babies will be and that makes me excited. I am also anxious to see what joy it will bring into all our lives! I will have to post belly pictures as my belly continues to grow! I told my family pretty soon after I found out by showing my mom this shirt. She didn't even notice his shirt for a long time, I eventually had to Stand him on the counter and say Grandma look at my shirt! It was funny. When we told his parents his dad noticed right away but we didn't tell the rest of his family until this past weekend. They all were very excited! But this is the shirt that we announced our big news with! I love my little man and I only hope this new baby is as much of a sweet little spirit as Noah is in our lives!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sick baby...the flu sucks!

Well it's official, Noah has the flu for the first time! My poor little man! The past few days he has had a really bad runny nose and a bad cough but that was it. 2 nights ago he threw up but I think it was from coughing so much and being so flemmy. Anyways we had to go to the doctor yesterday for a different reason and so she looked at Noah quickly and his lungs and ears were clear and his cough was not croupe sounding and he was happy. So we just thought he had a minor viral cold on top of cutting his teeth. He just cut one molar and another tooth and is working on his molar on the other side. Anyways as of last night it turned for the worse and changed from a little cold to the full out flu! I didn't know it was the flu until this morning but last night was when it all started. I kept being woke up by him calling out but he would just go right back to bed but at around 4:00am he woke up and it was all down him from there. I almost got him back to sleep and he started throwing up. All over me and him. So at 4 in the morning we were changing his clothes and cleaning him up. After a long time I got him back to sleep but about an hour later he woke up again and so I tried to bring him into bed with me. I wasn't sure how well that would work because he hates being in bed with me. He fought me for a long time  and then all of a sudden let out this HUGE burp. Eventually he got comfortable and relaxed. He was crying and was so not happy but his eyes were closed so I knew he was tired. I sang his favorite song, "I am a child of god" for a very long time. He slept for probably another 30-45 minuets which was great for me as well! But that ended when he shot up like a bullet and started just rolling around and groaning and crying. I sat him up and instantly his little body started convulsing and throwing up everywhere. All over himself, myself and my bed! After that he just kept getting worse and before 11:30 he had thrown up 4 times and every time was all of me. (during those 4 times he would through up like 2-3 times) One time was even in my mouth and hair and right down my shirt. I had a puddle down my shirt! Let's just says its a good thing I love my boy!! Of course I thought it was disgusting because it stunk but not once did it make me angry or grossed out! I guess that's true love! I would do anything for Noah! I knew I had to get something in his little body because the last time he threw up not much came up but his little body just kept convulsing! It was so sad! I gave him a grape G2 and he loved it and then I got a little bit of chicken noodle soup and some granola bar as well in him. I am just trying to stay away from milk because every time he has it he gets so flemmy and it just makes things get worse! I decided I would try and give him some children's gravol and he stated falling asleep sitting up in his high chair! He has been sleeping for a half hour already and I hoping he has a good sleep. I figured the gravol would help his upset belly but also help him sleep! He has been so tired all morning from waking up so early and being so unsettled for hours during the night. Like he fell asleep for 20 minutes at 10:30. We had plans to go golfing with my parents today but clearly I had to stay home with Noah! He needs me and I know that! But kyle and my dad still went. My dad picked Kyle up earlier today on his way back from Elkford but that was when Noah had his short nap thismorning. My mom called me on video chat to see how we were doing and Kyle was there waiting for my dad to get ready and so he came on the screen to say him to Noah and as soon as Noah saw him he stuck out his bottom lip and stated crying! He wanted Kyle so badly! He made me cry, it was so sad how much he wanted Kyle. It reminded me of myself when there is something bugging me or I'm not feeling well and I see my mother I just instantly start crying without anything even being said or her even asking me if something is wrong. I guess that's just that innate longing for comfort from the ones you love and from the ones you know you can just break down too! I just hope he feels a bit better when he wakes up! I am also hoping tonight is a better night!! 15 months old and Noah has caught the flu!