Friday, October 18, 2013

Here we go again...Baby #2!!

Well the news is out...we are having another baby joining our family. I am due May 31st and we are very excited! It was a bit of a surprise because it only took one month which I did not expect but it was a wonderful surprise! I still have to remind myself a lot that this is happening because I don't have any crazy symptoms that remind me every day and I am also busy with Noah still. That is another crazy thing for me to think about....I already have a baby. At least to me Noah is my baby but I know as soon as this new baby arrives he will look so big over night! That part is kind of sad but I can only imagine how close my 2 babies will be and that makes me excited. I am also anxious to see what joy it will bring into all our lives! I will have to post belly pictures as my belly continues to grow! I told my family pretty soon after I found out by showing my mom this shirt. She didn't even notice his shirt for a long time, I eventually had to Stand him on the counter and say Grandma look at my shirt! It was funny. When we told his parents his dad noticed right away but we didn't tell the rest of his family until this past weekend. They all were very excited! But this is the shirt that we announced our big news with! I love my little man and I only hope this new baby is as much of a sweet little spirit as Noah is in our lives!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sick baby...the flu sucks!

Well it's official, Noah has the flu for the first time! My poor little man! The past few days he has had a really bad runny nose and a bad cough but that was it. 2 nights ago he threw up but I think it was from coughing so much and being so flemmy. Anyways we had to go to the doctor yesterday for a different reason and so she looked at Noah quickly and his lungs and ears were clear and his cough was not croupe sounding and he was happy. So we just thought he had a minor viral cold on top of cutting his teeth. He just cut one molar and another tooth and is working on his molar on the other side. Anyways as of last night it turned for the worse and changed from a little cold to the full out flu! I didn't know it was the flu until this morning but last night was when it all started. I kept being woke up by him calling out but he would just go right back to bed but at around 4:00am he woke up and it was all down him from there. I almost got him back to sleep and he started throwing up. All over me and him. So at 4 in the morning we were changing his clothes and cleaning him up. After a long time I got him back to sleep but about an hour later he woke up again and so I tried to bring him into bed with me. I wasn't sure how well that would work because he hates being in bed with me. He fought me for a long time  and then all of a sudden let out this HUGE burp. Eventually he got comfortable and relaxed. He was crying and was so not happy but his eyes were closed so I knew he was tired. I sang his favorite song, "I am a child of god" for a very long time. He slept for probably another 30-45 minuets which was great for me as well! But that ended when he shot up like a bullet and started just rolling around and groaning and crying. I sat him up and instantly his little body started convulsing and throwing up everywhere. All over himself, myself and my bed! After that he just kept getting worse and before 11:30 he had thrown up 4 times and every time was all of me. (during those 4 times he would through up like 2-3 times) One time was even in my mouth and hair and right down my shirt. I had a puddle down my shirt! Let's just says its a good thing I love my boy!! Of course I thought it was disgusting because it stunk but not once did it make me angry or grossed out! I guess that's true love! I would do anything for Noah! I knew I had to get something in his little body because the last time he threw up not much came up but his little body just kept convulsing! It was so sad! I gave him a grape G2 and he loved it and then I got a little bit of chicken noodle soup and some granola bar as well in him. I am just trying to stay away from milk because every time he has it he gets so flemmy and it just makes things get worse! I decided I would try and give him some children's gravol and he stated falling asleep sitting up in his high chair! He has been sleeping for a half hour already and I hoping he has a good sleep. I figured the gravol would help his upset belly but also help him sleep! He has been so tired all morning from waking up so early and being so unsettled for hours during the night. Like he fell asleep for 20 minutes at 10:30. We had plans to go golfing with my parents today but clearly I had to stay home with Noah! He needs me and I know that! But kyle and my dad still went. My dad picked Kyle up earlier today on his way back from Elkford but that was when Noah had his short nap thismorning. My mom called me on video chat to see how we were doing and Kyle was there waiting for my dad to get ready and so he came on the screen to say him to Noah and as soon as Noah saw him he stuck out his bottom lip and stated crying! He wanted Kyle so badly! He made me cry, it was so sad how much he wanted Kyle. It reminded me of myself when there is something bugging me or I'm not feeling well and I see my mother I just instantly start crying without anything even being said or her even asking me if something is wrong. I guess that's just that innate longing for comfort from the ones you love and from the ones you know you can just break down too! I just hope he feels a bit better when he wakes up! I am also hoping tonight is a better night!! 15 months old and Noah has caught the flu! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Noah Update!!

So I keep telling myself I need to get better at blogging but then I just never get around to it. I really want to start making it a priority because I feel one day I am just going to wake up and realize Noah is not a baby anymore and I am going to forget so much stuff that I truely loved about him. I know I will always remember the big things but to me it is all the small little things that make every day so worth living and I don't want to forget any of that!! So here are some new things about my sweet little man:

> He is such a picky eater it is crazy! My mom says he is one of the pickyest kids she has ever seen. Serioulsy it really has to be his idea or else he will have nothing to do with it. And he can like one thing for a week and than all of a sudden change his mind and act like it is disgusting! But I'm sure I have said this is past posts but one of Noah's all time favourite foods that he has never turned his nose up to is peanut butter!! He loves it so much its crazy. I put it on toasy, pancakes, french name it. If it has peanut butter he will atleast give it a try...or suck the peanut butter off haha. So this is one of our most common breakfast foods! But along with the peanut butter he likes milk. Now I can just give him a sippy cup of milk and he is all good with that but he went through a phase where he wanted a normal cup and I had to help him of course. Most days I put a straw in the cup and he really liked that. But on Septeber 1st (I made a note of this) I went to give him a drink with a straw and he used it of course but then all of a sudden he started blowing bubbles in in his milk. He stopped and looked up and gave me a surprised look. He then put his straw in his mouth and did it again and then started laughing so hard. It was so cute!! I love his laugh! He is such a happy boy!

> One of Noah's new favourite things to do it walk our dog Buddy. If we are not outside walking budding he will pull his leash around all on its own. He will watch TV with it. Have it beside him while he has a bottle on the carpet. He seriously loves Buddy's leash! So when we go outside and Buddy is actually attached to the leash he gets so excited! Buddy's leash is a retractable leash and so sometimes Buddy goes goes so far it is the end of the rope so he ends up pulling Noah along and Noah has to run behind! But he thinks its fun and Buddy gets good long walks as well. The only time he will let go of Buddy's leash willingly is if we see Kyle outside and then Noah will drop the leash instantly and start running towards Kyle doing his "O" face and his excited noises!

> I'm not to sure how to explain Noah's noises or his excited face. He is so expressive its crazy! He likes to pretend to be upset or pretend to cry when he wants something or doesn't get his way and he sticks out his lip. It is halarious. But the best one of all is when he makes his "O" face with his mouth and starts breathing in and out really fast and deep. He does that if he is excited no matter if it is for Kyle or a snack or a bottle. And his eyes go big and his forehead scrunches up. I wish that I could just freeze his face in time so I could never forget it. It is just so hard to get it on video or in pictures. The funny thing about Noah is that he loves to make a ton of crazy faces and and I know it is to make people laugh. He is a totaly clown and loves when people laugh at him and make faces at him. The more people laugh the more he does it and he laughs right aloung with them! I think he is going to be a very friendly kid!

> He loves to be chased! He will intentionally go run around a corner and wait till he can see you coming. He will then give you this devious little smile, start moving his body as if he's running and than a few seconds later start running haha. It is really funny. Like today at church he kept running out the chapel door and Kyle told me when he would go to get him Noah would just be waiting right outside the door and as soon as he saw Kyle he would start running and laughing. Little stinker he is I tell ya!

> This past month we started doing family home evening with Noah. I wasn't sure if he was to little but I just got called as the nursery leader at church so I decided I would start using little parts of those lessons at home with Kyle and Noah. Noah likes the interactive stuff. Like last Monday Noah and I prepared for FHE by making our treat together. We made a giant chocolate chip cookie together and than I let Noah put his hand prints in to cookie. He loved the mixer and the chocolate chips! But for the activity we just sang a song and did and little interactive rhyme. It was super short but he liked it and it makes me feel like I am putting an honest effort into starting good routines in my home. 

> Noah is also becoming quite the climber like his Dad! Apparently Kyle was like that and Noah is not far behind. Kyle loves it because he thinks they will go climb Mt. Everest together one day haha! But really he loves climbing the couch, he likes to climb onto our fireplace hearth and walk back and forth on it. Sometimes he will just sit on it and play. He trys to climb his high chair but hasn't succeded yet. (I always pull him down) He trys to climb the handles on my kitchen drawers and use them as steps. He has actually climbed onto my bed before. He has climbed in and out of the bath multiple times haha! He climbs onto Grandma Anderson's kiddie table all the time! But the best one to date is when I came into my bathroom and found him standing on my bathroom counter! Serioulsy this is no joke! When I get ready Noah likes to play in all the drawers in my bathroom which he always seems to walk off with things as well. Anyways the other day he was in the bathroom with me digging in my drawers and I left to to get my hair brush that I knew was in the other bathroom, thanks to Noah of course! Anyways I was seriously gone for maybe a minute and when I came back in he was standing on my bathroom counter looking in the mirror and opening kyles cupboard! I was so surprised! I took him down of course and just sat back waiting for him to show me how he accomplished getting up there. Well the verdict was he used a bathroom stool we had to climb into the first drawer and than pulled the second one out until it was touching his legs and than climbed into that drawer and the same for the thrid until he was at the top! I had to take a picture of course! I needed proof, no one was going to believe me. But honestly if you know my kid you knew it things that this were bound to happen. When I found him he was so pleased with himself of course!

Well that is all I have for now! I need to keep at this because I know one day when I'm old and gray they will be my most prized possesions!

Just a boy and his dog! So much fun!!

I forgot to mention one of Noah's new favourite foods is popcorn! We went to a movie one night and I had left over popcorn I brought home. I'm not sure what he thought was I the bag but it was sitting on my stove and he went up to the stove with his body flat against the stove and arms up and was doing his fake cry because he wanted some so bad. I gave him some and he loved it but I eventually had to hide the bag because he kept doing his poor me cry all day trying to reach the popcorn bag haha. Anyways I have him some popcorn in a bowl one night before bedtime and it was the first time I have have him a bowl of food and he hasn't just dumped it right away. I guess popcorn is very precious to him haha!
Making our giant chocolate chip cookie! He is kinda doing his "o" face with his lips. 
So much fun!! Loved showing daddy our hard work!
Ok here is my proof. He is standing on my bathroom counter and he got up there all by himself!! Danger boy!
I also forgot to mention one day last week this is what happened to Noah haha! About an hour before I fell right in where his legs were straight up on the air and it was so funny! But he was being kinda whiney that day so when I heard him kinda whining a little later I was just ignoring him. He wasn't crying, just making poor me noises but all of sudden I just has the instant feeling and I said to myself, "he's in the toy box haha" so sure enough when I went into the living room this is what I found. He had to have been like this for a good 5 minutes too haha! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're so glad when our cousins come home...

So my sister Mindy and her 2 kids Logan and Summer came to visit for 3 whole weeks!! I was very excited and when they finally arrived it was nothing but non stop fun! Noah is still little so I wasn't sure how he would act with Logan's craziness but he just joined right in and they would "gently" wrestle all the time. It was so funny to watch them. Like for Example we told logs he had to be gentle with Noah because he is just little so when he wanted to push him down he would just go up to him and keep pushing him with his belly till he fell over haha and than he would jump on top of him. Sometimes he would run away and jump on the couch and run along in to the other side and Noah would pull himself up on the couch and just follow logan around. It was so cute! It's times like those I wish we lived closer because I know they would be best friends! But in our short time we did a lot of things together. In the first 2 days we went swimming at grandma and grandpas pool and we went boating at tie lake and surprisingly Logan was a dare devil on the tube! He just kept yelling, "more bumpies!" it was funny. Like seriously it was a pretty enjoyable ride for myself haha. They was one bump we went on that made logan fly up in the air but he didn't let go of his handles so he just flipped his body forward and landed on his tummy haha. But he just laughed haha!

Also during our time together my mom, mindy and I went in a 5km race in Calgary. It was another colour run like the one mindy and I did in February. It was fun except for the fact I realized I had lost my camera half way through the race so that kinda ruined it for me. Luckily I ended up finding it but it took a while! I think I was more upset about the pictures I would be loosing more than the camera haha.
They came out to jaffray a few times which was fun because Logan loves all of kyles machines but I think the funniest part of their visit for me was when we all went camping!! Back in May when mindy finalized when she was coming here i booked us in to go camping at Premier Provincial Campground. It is about an hour away and I was convinced it was going to be great! Well I was not disappointed! The campground was great! The water was beautiful and we all had so much fun! Mindy, summer and mom slept in a big tent, my dad and Logan slept in a little pop tent and Kyle and Noah and I borrowed kyles parents trailer so that was great! My dad also brought his sea doo which was a lot of fun! The first time Kyle took Noah out of it he fell asleep. My kids seriously will fall asleep on anything that moves! Doesn't matter how noisy it is, if it moves he will eventually fall asleep! Our whole camp trip we called it the "scooby doo" because we went for a little hike our first day and on our ay back down we told Logan to hurry so we could go on Papa's sea doo. A few minutes later he started walking fast and said hurry let's go scooby dooing! We thought it was funny! We went for 3 nights, 4 days! My aunt Gerri and uncle Darcy came and stayed over for one night and that was fun! We had a lot of laughs and stayed up late playing games around the campfire! It was a perfect amount of time. We stayed for 3 nights, 4 days. I could have stayed for another night but it was still great!!
I have to stay this was the first time that I had to say goodbye where I wasn't emotional and super sad. I am think I am just finally getting used to the way our relationship has to be living far apart. It just makes me grateful that we all have the means to see eachother as often as we can. We are very lucky! I was sad to see them go but I already have a trip booked to go see them in October. My parent bought me a plane ticket for my birthday to go visit them so my mom, Noah and I are going down to Texas for halloween and that should be a blast!! Well here are some of my favorite pictures from our time together!
The first day we saw our coursins Noah and Logan ended up wearing the exact same outfit!! The shirts were on purpose but the fluke!! Seriously!
Noah helping himself to Summer's lunch :)
Fun day at Tie Lake at my in-laws cabin!!
We forced Logan to go off the slide off the dock with me. He was so scared to let go but once we went he was laughing!
Tube ride....I'm serious when I say anything that moves will put noah to sleep haha!
Our color run in Calgary! It was a lot of fun before I lost my camera haha! 

Kisses from my boy!! 

First day of our fun camping trip at Premier Lake!! 
This is Noah's crazy face...and this is Logan's version of Noah haha!

Out for a morning family hike!

Papa and Logie so tired from our hike!
Daddy and Noah enjoying a drink haha!

At the beginning of the ride...and at the end of the ride haha!! I'm not lieing when I say Noah will always fall asleep haha!
Papa and Logie :)
Sweet baby girl!!

I love this picture of Noah!! So cute!!
Just me and my boy!! Love you Noah!!
Mindy and Logie going for a scooby doo ride :)
Love my little family!! last beach day! We had beautiful weather and such good company!
Can't wait to do it again next year!

Doing laundry at the end of our camping trip!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!

We had Noah’s birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun!! It was crazy of course but I surprisingly enjoyed it haha! I have to admit I don’t think it would have happened if it wasn’t for my moms help!! She was a huge help with everything!! I prepared for weeks a head of time but when it actually came to party day Noah did not want me to leave him alone for one minute so that made it really hard to get things done. My mom came out at around 1:00pm and we seriously just went hard. Luckily Noah slept for like 2 hours so we were able to get a lot done. We had a lot of people at the party too. I was planning on just having family but when I started writing everyone down we have a lot of family haha. I had to draw the line somewhere but there still ended up being around 40-45 people. It was good though with having my big covered deck. I just had my front door opened and the party was inside and outside. The only crappy thing was it was windy and raining on and off the whole time. But everyone didn’t seem to mind so it worked out well. I really felt the love yesterday surrounded by some many people yesterday to celebrate my little boys birthday!! We are so very blessed to live around so many family and friends who truly care about us and Noah!! Well here are a bunch of photos of the big day!!

I loved his invitations!! Our party theme was Bubble Guppies!! It is a children's show that is only a few years old and Noah loves it! It was one of my nephew Logan's favourite shows so Noah was exposed to it early haha! He loves all the music!
 This was my party table!! I loved the way it turned out!! The empty blue plate was for the hot dogs!! This was my party table!! I loved the way everything turned out!! Kyle told me I was going a little over the top for a 1 year olds birthday party but I felt it was more for me and I enjoy doing these type of things. I’ve been told I should be a party planner haha!!  Now here are a bunch of close up's of our party table!! Everything had a fun name to go along with the theme!!

 My awesome cake!! I havn't made cakes in a long time!! The last one I made was for my sister Jamie in May when she left on her mission. But before that it has been years. It was a lot of fun making it! I love making kids cakes because they are so cute!! Luckily I made it on Sunday and Kyle just took Noah for the whole afternoon so I didn't have any distractions!

 Here's the Birthday Boy!!
 All the kids who came to celebrate Noah's Birthday!! So much family!!

 I had a bubble station for the kids to play with. The only thing was it kept trying to rain but the kids didn't seem to mind!

 I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life! My friend Haley came to Noah's party which was so sweet. We have been friends since High School and she is more like a sister to me than a friend!
My friends Megan and Carly came all the way from Lethbridge just for a few hours which was amazing. I invited them just because I wanted them to now they were important to us but when they said they were coming I was shocked!! It just goes to show I do have amazing friends even though I don’t always feel like I do.

Cake Time!!

Lloyd and Shirley are Noah's adopted grandparents!! We call them Nana Shirley and Papa Lloyd! 
 I love my little family!

 My Mom and Dad!
My Grandparents!
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson!!
 I love my sweet little boy!

This is what Kyle and I got Noah for his birthday!! Kyle attached it to our covered porch so is up on our deck by the rest of our patio furniture!! It is so nice! Noah loves it!!