Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I love flowers!!

This is a picture of my beautiful apple tree!!!
I just love this time of year when it looks like this! It didn't look like this last year because right when it was about to bloom we had a really late frost and it killed hte blooms. I was sad because it is so beautiful! I call it my giant snowball! It starts off all pink and than slowly turns to white. I have been meaning to go out and take a picture of it but I have a hard time walking a carrying things at the same time right now with my crutches but I did it! This is picture is a little late...it used to be even more full of flowers, they have started to fall off already! It is right at the beginning of my drive way so I see it everytime we go anywhere! I can already tell I am going to has tons and tons of apples this year :) Thats means more frozen apple pies and dried apples :) Yummy!!
Now this is a picture of my friends Lloyd and Shirley and I! We have a flower addiction. Haha! When we go into a green house it is a little out of control haha. We went to this nice green house in Fernie we had both never knew exhisted and they had beautiful flowers!! We had so much fun and speant a ton of money :) Lloyd and Shirley take care of all the flower beds on the golf course and they are amazing at it. So because they do that The golf course gives them money to make them beautiful every year...and as for me I have to pay for it myself but thats ok. I just tell kyle, "You like your toys and I like my flowers :)" I will have to take a picture of my house because I got them all planted in my boxes around my deck! But on the ride home from fernie we had the whole back of the truck full of flowers and the whole back seat except for a small place for me to sit. We had stuff on the floor in the back and shirley helps a hanging basket on her lap haha! It was funny!!

Oh and also!! I am going to have a new sister-in-law!! Her name is Amber and I am sooooo excited!! She is super nice and super cute! I am really happy if you can't tell :) They are getting married in the Cardston Temple on August 21st. Another Anderson family wedding this summer. I love weddings haha :) Kyle thinks I am crazy sometimes but I just think they are great!