Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Time :)

This easter was a good one! The sun came out for the weekend which was great because we have been getting snow lately and also my sister Mindy and her family came home for easter! She hasn't been home for easter in 6 years so we were all very excited to be together this year! It was a long weekend for me because I got the Friday and the Monday off and there was something going on every day. It all started Friday afternoon with the egg decorating! My family came out to my house and we decorated eggs all night. My sisters and I really enjoy doing this. We get pretty creative! Than Saturday morning there was an easter breakfast and easter egg hunt at the Jaffray Church and than we spent the rest of the day with Kyles family. Than on Sunday after church we went straight to town and had easter dinner with my family and than Monday there was an easter egg hunt and dinner at the Mallards house out at Bull River. It was a full weekend but lots of fun!

Mindy and Jamer ready to begin the egg decoarting event :)
Jamies egg named stuart
Our sesame street eggs! Mindy said she bought them for Logan but she really bought them for herself haha!
I made a personalized egg for everyone in the family.
Starting from the left is goes Melissa, Jamie, Brian, Kyle, Lorri, Jay, Logan & Mindy
And then there was Buddy :)
Brians Albert Eggstien
Stuart and his girlfriend Shelly :)
All of our eggs we decorated!
Logie and one of his funny faces haha!
At the easter egg hunt at the church Saturday morning

Grandma and Logie
Me taking Logie for a ride on my bike haha!
Totally loving it!
Sunday morning. The easter bunny left Kyle a trail of mini eggs leading him to his basket!
My easter presents!!
Lovin the lemon desserts at easter dinner! My favorite!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My cleaning dead line :)

So lately I have been feeling like I have so much to do before my surgery date. Like I have been wanting to do a crazy overhaul organization of my house for a while now but just havn't found the time but since I made my surgery date I have been feeling like I have a dead line because I know people will be in my house helping me out and I don't want them to think I'm a slob. I know I'm not a slob but sometimes I feel like my house is always a mess and it is never going to get clean! Anyways so I have been focusing on my spare bedroom because that is where the main mess is. In my house there are no linen closets just the 2 closets in the bedrooms. Our bedroom closet is full of clothes of course :) so that leaves only the spare bedroom closet for storage. I got these plastic dresser things that I stacked in one side of the closet and I labeled all the drawers and if that certain category of stuff, such as crafts, doesn't fit in one drawer well that it has got to go! I know this is big for me. I just have this fear that I could become a really big horder because I like to keep things and I get silly attachments to things so I think if I start trying to do these kind of things early enough in life it won't happen :) On Friday I took 4 boxes of stuff, mainly old clothes like basketball stuff and pajamas and old sweaters, to the thrift store with my mom and I had a little bit of a crying moment. I know some of you may think I am stupid but in one of those boxes were all of my eeyore Pj's and I really loved eeyore from winnie the pooh when I was a little girl so that was very hard for me. I felt stupid but my mom said I wasn't stupid...but I knew I didn't need them anymore and I wasn't going to EVER wear them again haha! It made me feel better when my mom said that because my Pj's were still really nice that some family was probably going to buy them and give them to their kids to make them happy and that made me feel better! I am glad I did it because when I go home and see them not filling up my house it is a nice feeling. I like organization but I kinda suck it. I am alright at getting it to begin with but I when it come to keeping it that way....that is another story!