Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!

We had Noah’s birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun!! It was crazy of course but I surprisingly enjoyed it haha! I have to admit I don’t think it would have happened if it wasn’t for my moms help!! She was a huge help with everything!! I prepared for weeks a head of time but when it actually came to party day Noah did not want me to leave him alone for one minute so that made it really hard to get things done. My mom came out at around 1:00pm and we seriously just went hard. Luckily Noah slept for like 2 hours so we were able to get a lot done. We had a lot of people at the party too. I was planning on just having family but when I started writing everyone down we have a lot of family haha. I had to draw the line somewhere but there still ended up being around 40-45 people. It was good though with having my big covered deck. I just had my front door opened and the party was inside and outside. The only crappy thing was it was windy and raining on and off the whole time. But everyone didn’t seem to mind so it worked out well. I really felt the love yesterday surrounded by some many people yesterday to celebrate my little boys birthday!! We are so very blessed to live around so many family and friends who truly care about us and Noah!! Well here are a bunch of photos of the big day!!

I loved his invitations!! Our party theme was Bubble Guppies!! It is a children's show that is only a few years old and Noah loves it! It was one of my nephew Logan's favourite shows so Noah was exposed to it early haha! He loves all the music!
 This was my party table!! I loved the way it turned out!! The empty blue plate was for the hot dogs!! This was my party table!! I loved the way everything turned out!! Kyle told me I was going a little over the top for a 1 year olds birthday party but I felt it was more for me and I enjoy doing these type of things. I’ve been told I should be a party planner haha!!  Now here are a bunch of close up's of our party table!! Everything had a fun name to go along with the theme!!

 My awesome cake!! I havn't made cakes in a long time!! The last one I made was for my sister Jamie in May when she left on her mission. But before that it has been years. It was a lot of fun making it! I love making kids cakes because they are so cute!! Luckily I made it on Sunday and Kyle just took Noah for the whole afternoon so I didn't have any distractions!

 Here's the Birthday Boy!!
 All the kids who came to celebrate Noah's Birthday!! So much family!!

 I had a bubble station for the kids to play with. The only thing was it kept trying to rain but the kids didn't seem to mind!

 I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life! My friend Haley came to Noah's party which was so sweet. We have been friends since High School and she is more like a sister to me than a friend!
My friends Megan and Carly came all the way from Lethbridge just for a few hours which was amazing. I invited them just because I wanted them to now they were important to us but when they said they were coming I was shocked!! It just goes to show I do have amazing friends even though I don’t always feel like I do.

Cake Time!!

Lloyd and Shirley are Noah's adopted grandparents!! We call them Nana Shirley and Papa Lloyd! 
 I love my little family!

 My Mom and Dad!
My Grandparents!
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson!!
 I love my sweet little boy!

This is what Kyle and I got Noah for his birthday!! Kyle attached it to our covered porch so is up on our deck by the rest of our patio furniture!! It is so nice! Noah loves it!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The fastest year of my life!!

Ready or not my baby boy is 1 already!! It is a really weird feeling because I feel like it hasn’t been a year already but at the same time I feel like he was been a part of my life forever!! I always knew I wanted to be a mom one day and I am so grateful for Noah in my life!! Even on the hard days the good days far out weigh them!! He brings so much joy into my life. He has caused me to learn to just sit and enjoy the smallest of moments because they come and go so quickly if you don’t stop you just miss them. He is such a little ball of fire he doesn’t stop moving very often haha! He is also very loud and noisy. He likes to talk and be apart of all the action. But honestly I can’t complain because he is one of the happiest babies I have ever met!! I really cannot believe how fast this past year has gone by though. As I have gotten older the years have seemed to go by much quicker but now that I am watching the time through my son it goes way faster!! I now completely understand when my mom has said things like she wishes she could go back to when we were little for a day just to enjoy it again!! I already miss my little newborn baby but I love the stage he is at! He is so much fun. You can play rough with him and be crazy. 
Here are few things about Noah this past month: 
- This isn’t new but he loves anything that has wheels, or moves, and makes noise. Whenever he plays with his cars or trucks he makes driving noises. It is really funny! 
- Kyle also taught him this past month how to give high fives. He only gives them to Kyle which is funny but he doesn’t do them all the time either, everything has to be his idea or he won’t do it. 

  • For example...he started showing interest in walking like months ago but than just stopped trying all together. We kept trying to get him to do it but he would just flop on the floor and have nothing to do with it. Than all of a sudden exactly a week ago (on July 4th) I was standing at my kitchen island packing our beach bag to go to great grandmas pool and I just looked like to see Noah walking!! All by himself!! He was by the big window beside my TV and walked all the way to the couch which is quite far. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do I just stood there and watched him and than called Kyle!! It was so exciting. But later that day and for a few days after I would try and show people and he wouldn’t do it unless it was his idea. You would just have to watch him and he would just all of a sudden walk out of the blue haha. It is so cute! He does it a lot now. You can just put him down and he will just stand and start walking. The only thing he can’t do it stand up by himself and start walking. He has to crawl to something and use it to stand up and than go. 
  • He also decided he likes scrambled eggs and hashbrowns with ketchup of course!
  • He LOVES blueberries! He will be playing around the house and I will sit on the couch with a container of blueberries and he will just come over and open his mouth and than go play and when he’s done he will come back for another one. 
  • He started only having one nap a day which was a great decision!! He has never been the best napper but it was getting to the point that I was fighting with him to have a second nap and I would just end up holding him for half of it and than he wouldn’t go to bed at night!! So we have one nap a day at around 12:30 or 1:00. Some days he will still have a little crash in the morning for like 20 minutes which is fine. Its almost like every few days he needs a little catch up haha. But he doesn’t fight me to sleep. I still rocking him to sleep which isn’t always convenient but I just try to remind myself that one day I will wish he would let me cuddle him to sleep. At least thats what I tell myself haha!
  • He climbs everything, the couch which isn’t always successful but he tries haha. But the other day he rolled right out of the bath tub haha. I was going to the bathroom and I just look over and he is laying on the bath mat haha. I laughed so hard!! Silly boy!!
Well thats is all for now. I guess its official I am a mother of a busy 1 year old boy and he is obviously not going to slow down anytime soon!! But I love every moment of it and I wouldn’t change him for the world. My life is great and its all because of Noah!!

Noah and Kyle on Father's day!! I made them matching church ties!!

Swimming at my Grandma's pool!! So much fun!!

Noah trying his first chicken wing!!
Having a cuddle just after a nap!!
Funny Boy!!
We went for a hike with Brandon up to see some water falls. We have been getting so much rain we thought they would be really big and cool to see.
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson went on a cruise to Alaska and brought this home for Noah!! Super cute!
Loves all of Daddy's machines!!
At the Bain's Lake farmers market! Good thing we got a double chariot stroller I guess! Livin' the life haha!
Cool Dude!

Playing on his birthday present from Grandma Orth!! She gave it to him early!!