Sunday, September 29, 2013

Noah Update!!

So I keep telling myself I need to get better at blogging but then I just never get around to it. I really want to start making it a priority because I feel one day I am just going to wake up and realize Noah is not a baby anymore and I am going to forget so much stuff that I truely loved about him. I know I will always remember the big things but to me it is all the small little things that make every day so worth living and I don't want to forget any of that!! So here are some new things about my sweet little man:

> He is such a picky eater it is crazy! My mom says he is one of the pickyest kids she has ever seen. Serioulsy it really has to be his idea or else he will have nothing to do with it. And he can like one thing for a week and than all of a sudden change his mind and act like it is disgusting! But I'm sure I have said this is past posts but one of Noah's all time favourite foods that he has never turned his nose up to is peanut butter!! He loves it so much its crazy. I put it on toasy, pancakes, french name it. If it has peanut butter he will atleast give it a try...or suck the peanut butter off haha. So this is one of our most common breakfast foods! But along with the peanut butter he likes milk. Now I can just give him a sippy cup of milk and he is all good with that but he went through a phase where he wanted a normal cup and I had to help him of course. Most days I put a straw in the cup and he really liked that. But on Septeber 1st (I made a note of this) I went to give him a drink with a straw and he used it of course but then all of a sudden he started blowing bubbles in in his milk. He stopped and looked up and gave me a surprised look. He then put his straw in his mouth and did it again and then started laughing so hard. It was so cute!! I love his laugh! He is such a happy boy!

> One of Noah's new favourite things to do it walk our dog Buddy. If we are not outside walking budding he will pull his leash around all on its own. He will watch TV with it. Have it beside him while he has a bottle on the carpet. He seriously loves Buddy's leash! So when we go outside and Buddy is actually attached to the leash he gets so excited! Buddy's leash is a retractable leash and so sometimes Buddy goes goes so far it is the end of the rope so he ends up pulling Noah along and Noah has to run behind! But he thinks its fun and Buddy gets good long walks as well. The only time he will let go of Buddy's leash willingly is if we see Kyle outside and then Noah will drop the leash instantly and start running towards Kyle doing his "O" face and his excited noises!

> I'm not to sure how to explain Noah's noises or his excited face. He is so expressive its crazy! He likes to pretend to be upset or pretend to cry when he wants something or doesn't get his way and he sticks out his lip. It is halarious. But the best one of all is when he makes his "O" face with his mouth and starts breathing in and out really fast and deep. He does that if he is excited no matter if it is for Kyle or a snack or a bottle. And his eyes go big and his forehead scrunches up. I wish that I could just freeze his face in time so I could never forget it. It is just so hard to get it on video or in pictures. The funny thing about Noah is that he loves to make a ton of crazy faces and and I know it is to make people laugh. He is a totaly clown and loves when people laugh at him and make faces at him. The more people laugh the more he does it and he laughs right aloung with them! I think he is going to be a very friendly kid!

> He loves to be chased! He will intentionally go run around a corner and wait till he can see you coming. He will then give you this devious little smile, start moving his body as if he's running and than a few seconds later start running haha. It is really funny. Like today at church he kept running out the chapel door and Kyle told me when he would go to get him Noah would just be waiting right outside the door and as soon as he saw Kyle he would start running and laughing. Little stinker he is I tell ya!

> This past month we started doing family home evening with Noah. I wasn't sure if he was to little but I just got called as the nursery leader at church so I decided I would start using little parts of those lessons at home with Kyle and Noah. Noah likes the interactive stuff. Like last Monday Noah and I prepared for FHE by making our treat together. We made a giant chocolate chip cookie together and than I let Noah put his hand prints in to cookie. He loved the mixer and the chocolate chips! But for the activity we just sang a song and did and little interactive rhyme. It was super short but he liked it and it makes me feel like I am putting an honest effort into starting good routines in my home. 

> Noah is also becoming quite the climber like his Dad! Apparently Kyle was like that and Noah is not far behind. Kyle loves it because he thinks they will go climb Mt. Everest together one day haha! But really he loves climbing the couch, he likes to climb onto our fireplace hearth and walk back and forth on it. Sometimes he will just sit on it and play. He trys to climb his high chair but hasn't succeded yet. (I always pull him down) He trys to climb the handles on my kitchen drawers and use them as steps. He has actually climbed onto my bed before. He has climbed in and out of the bath multiple times haha! He climbs onto Grandma Anderson's kiddie table all the time! But the best one to date is when I came into my bathroom and found him standing on my bathroom counter! Serioulsy this is no joke! When I get ready Noah likes to play in all the drawers in my bathroom which he always seems to walk off with things as well. Anyways the other day he was in the bathroom with me digging in my drawers and I left to to get my hair brush that I knew was in the other bathroom, thanks to Noah of course! Anyways I was seriously gone for maybe a minute and when I came back in he was standing on my bathroom counter looking in the mirror and opening kyles cupboard! I was so surprised! I took him down of course and just sat back waiting for him to show me how he accomplished getting up there. Well the verdict was he used a bathroom stool we had to climb into the first drawer and than pulled the second one out until it was touching his legs and than climbed into that drawer and the same for the thrid until he was at the top! I had to take a picture of course! I needed proof, no one was going to believe me. But honestly if you know my kid you knew it things that this were bound to happen. When I found him he was so pleased with himself of course!

Well that is all I have for now! I need to keep at this because I know one day when I'm old and gray they will be my most prized possesions!

Just a boy and his dog! So much fun!!

I forgot to mention one of Noah's new favourite foods is popcorn! We went to a movie one night and I had left over popcorn I brought home. I'm not sure what he thought was I the bag but it was sitting on my stove and he went up to the stove with his body flat against the stove and arms up and was doing his fake cry because he wanted some so bad. I gave him some and he loved it but I eventually had to hide the bag because he kept doing his poor me cry all day trying to reach the popcorn bag haha. Anyways I have him some popcorn in a bowl one night before bedtime and it was the first time I have have him a bowl of food and he hasn't just dumped it right away. I guess popcorn is very precious to him haha!
Making our giant chocolate chip cookie! He is kinda doing his "o" face with his lips. 
So much fun!! Loved showing daddy our hard work!
Ok here is my proof. He is standing on my bathroom counter and he got up there all by himself!! Danger boy!
I also forgot to mention one day last week this is what happened to Noah haha! About an hour before I fell right in where his legs were straight up on the air and it was so funny! But he was being kinda whiney that day so when I heard him kinda whining a little later I was just ignoring him. He wasn't crying, just making poor me noises but all of sudden I just has the instant feeling and I said to myself, "he's in the toy box haha" so sure enough when I went into the living room this is what I found. He had to have been like this for a good 5 minutes too haha!