Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Disney Adventure!!

So this Christmas the whole Anderson family went on a Disney Adventure! It all started on December 26th when we drove up to Calgary to stay the night. The next morning we had to get up bright and early to catch a flight down to Orlando Florida!!! We were all very excited and Noah did wonderful on the plane ride. We went to Disney World for 2 days. The first day the whole group went to the Magic Kingdom park. We didn't really stay together much because for one our group was to big and for two we all wanted to do different things. But we spent the whole time with Scott and Amber and Jill and Brandon. It was actually great. There was only a few rides we couldn't do with Noah but everyone was great and we all took turns staying out with Noah. 
On the second day we chose to go to the Hollywood Studios park. Jill, Brandon, Heidi, Hal, Scott, Amber and Donell came with us. The other families went back to Magic Kingdom because their girls loved it there. We had a lot of fun. I think my favourite ride is still The Tower of Terror!! I loved it in the LA Disney Park and I loved it in Florida too!! It actually worked out great for us because you can get these fast passes that work within a certain time period and you can also get these parent rider passes which means you can have one of the parents go on the ride and when they are done you can go straight in right after and you don't have to wait forever in line again but the best part is with the parent pass you can take 2 other people with you so it was great because either Kyle or me got to go with the group and than the other one of us got to go again with a few other people. We did that for a bunch of rides!! It was awesome! Anyways after our 2 days there we rented a bunch of vehicles and all drove to Miami where we boarded the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship!! It was so exciting getting to see the boat for the first time. I have never been on a cruise before and the fact that it was Disney made it all that much more exciting!!! Anything Disney is great! Kyle laughs at me because he says I am like a kid whenever we walk into a Disney park!! The cruise was wonderful! Noah was great and the dinners and night time shows were amazing! Our dinner was at 6:00 everynight and you went to a different restaurant every night but the same servers followed you so you really got to know the people! 
On the very last day Kyle had bought me spa package for a christmas present and I was so excited to go!! It was wonderful! It was a 2 hour swedish massage and full facial treatment and I don't really remember it all haha. I think I seriously slept for half of it. But when I was done I felt amazing!! I felt like I have so much energy and I was happy. It was the best way to end this holiday!! I really want to take our family on a Disney Cruise again when my children are older! Sure it was go go go everyday because you were constantly getting on and off the boat to see new places and such but it was only for a short time and I loved it!! Such a fun experience! 
Well here are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip. We have so many of course but I couldn't put them all on here!!
Day #1
Noah on his first plane ride! He didn't totally understand the concept of headphones but he liked it! haha
Day #2
-Disney World Magic Kingdom-
Our first day at Disney World! Noah loved meeting the princesses! Such a funny boy! This is Noah and Rapunzel.
Noah and Daddy on the Buzz Lightyear ride!

Disney World was so much fun! Noah in front of Winnie the Pooh's house and the King Arthur's Sword.

DAY #3
- Disney World Hollywood Studios-
I love his funny faces! He is such a happy boy! I couldn't be more blessed!
I just love Heidi and I in this picture haha!!
Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster!! So awesome!
We didn't buy any of these hats but we made sure to get pictures haha!
This one is for Logie!! Buzz Mickey Mouse hats!
Day #4
-First Day on the boat-
We had just gotten on the boat and were checking out the snack bars! Noah still loves honey dew melon!

Day #5
-Key West, Florida-
We all rented bikes at key west and we just rode around and enjoyed the place. We were able to rent a bike trailer for Noah which was great because he slept for like an hour while we just toured around!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! New Years was a fun night! We got back on the boat from our day at Key West and got all dressed up! Dinner was great and the house keeper left us a nice gift on our bed! The best part was they left us a box of chocolates that had a big Mickey Mouse chocolate face! But they also had a deck party that went till midnight of course but they had a live band and everyone was danceing. They had guys walking around with plates with little appetizers and champane glasses with sparkling juice and also alcohol. When it came time for the clock to turn 12 they had the giant screens showing time square in NY! It was a really fun night! Noah ended up just falling asleep in the baby carrier on Kyle's stomach so he was great haha!

Day #6
- A Day at Sea -

Noah loved all the dressed up Characters! He was not scared of them at all. But other than the princesses he loved pluto! I got him these Disney Character bath toys for christmas and he always chooses Pluto first!

Meeting Peter Pan :)

Day #7
- Grand Cayman -
Today we went swimming with the Sting Rays!! So much fun!

Noah touching the Sting Ray!
The whole group on our boat!

I brought this floaty from home and Noah loved this in the ocean!!

I Just love my little pirate boy in this picture! Haha
Tonight was Pirate Night on the boat! It was really fun! At dinner they gave everyone these pirate Bandana's and all the characters were dressed up like pirates!
This picture is for Mindy!! She wants to go to this restaurant one day!

Day #8
- Cozumel Mexico -
We all rented old Volkswagon Beetle's and drove them around the island! We shared a car with Scott and Amber!

I love these two pictures on Noah with Kyle and I! He was so happy this day! I guess he just loves the beach and the sun!! Who doesn't!

Our cool boat!! 

Day #9
- Our last day on the boat, At Sea -

Kyle and Noah while I was at the spa!! There was 2 hours during the last day where all the characters just wandered around the top deck!
Noah just loves the princesses!! I think maybe it is their high/sweet voices and maybe the fact they are wearing sparkly dresses!! But whatever it was they could always get him to smile!

Us with Captain Mickey and us with the Ariel statue infront of Triton's restaurant!

When we got this picture with Goofy everyone in the crowd started laughing at Noah's big smile! It was really cute!
Just some fun pictures outside on our last night :(

Day #10
- Travelling home -

Noah Travelled home in his Buzz Jammies he got from Auntie Jamie for christmas! Noah was so wonderful this whole trip! I honestly couldn't have asked him to be a better baby!! He made it so enjoyable! We loved this trip and were so sad when it was over!
 I guess we will just have to go back again someday :)