Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're so glad when our cousins come home...

So my sister Mindy and her 2 kids Logan and Summer came to visit for 3 whole weeks!! I was very excited and when they finally arrived it was nothing but non stop fun! Noah is still little so I wasn't sure how he would act with Logan's craziness but he just joined right in and they would "gently" wrestle all the time. It was so funny to watch them. Like for Example we told logs he had to be gentle with Noah because he is just little so when he wanted to push him down he would just go up to him and keep pushing him with his belly till he fell over haha and than he would jump on top of him. Sometimes he would run away and jump on the couch and run along in to the other side and Noah would pull himself up on the couch and just follow logan around. It was so cute! It's times like those I wish we lived closer because I know they would be best friends! But in our short time we did a lot of things together. In the first 2 days we went swimming at grandma and grandpas pool and we went boating at tie lake and surprisingly Logan was a dare devil on the tube! He just kept yelling, "more bumpies!" it was funny. Like seriously it was a pretty enjoyable ride for myself haha. They was one bump we went on that made logan fly up in the air but he didn't let go of his handles so he just flipped his body forward and landed on his tummy haha. But he just laughed haha!

Also during our time together my mom, mindy and I went in a 5km race in Calgary. It was another colour run like the one mindy and I did in February. It was fun except for the fact I realized I had lost my camera half way through the race so that kinda ruined it for me. Luckily I ended up finding it but it took a while! I think I was more upset about the pictures I would be loosing more than the camera haha.
They came out to jaffray a few times which was fun because Logan loves all of kyles machines but I think the funniest part of their visit for me was when we all went camping!! Back in May when mindy finalized when she was coming here i booked us in to go camping at Premier Provincial Campground. It is about an hour away and I was convinced it was going to be great! Well I was not disappointed! The campground was great! The water was beautiful and we all had so much fun! Mindy, summer and mom slept in a big tent, my dad and Logan slept in a little pop tent and Kyle and Noah and I borrowed kyles parents trailer so that was great! My dad also brought his sea doo which was a lot of fun! The first time Kyle took Noah out of it he fell asleep. My kids seriously will fall asleep on anything that moves! Doesn't matter how noisy it is, if it moves he will eventually fall asleep! Our whole camp trip we called it the "scooby doo" because we went for a little hike our first day and on our ay back down we told Logan to hurry so we could go on Papa's sea doo. A few minutes later he started walking fast and said hurry let's go scooby dooing! We thought it was funny! We went for 3 nights, 4 days! My aunt Gerri and uncle Darcy came and stayed over for one night and that was fun! We had a lot of laughs and stayed up late playing games around the campfire! It was a perfect amount of time. We stayed for 3 nights, 4 days. I could have stayed for another night but it was still great!!
I have to stay this was the first time that I had to say goodbye where I wasn't emotional and super sad. I am think I am just finally getting used to the way our relationship has to be living far apart. It just makes me grateful that we all have the means to see eachother as often as we can. We are very lucky! I was sad to see them go but I already have a trip booked to go see them in October. My parent bought me a plane ticket for my birthday to go visit them so my mom, Noah and I are going down to Texas for halloween and that should be a blast!! Well here are some of my favorite pictures from our time together!
The first day we saw our coursins Noah and Logan ended up wearing the exact same outfit!! The shirts were on purpose but the fluke!! Seriously!
Noah helping himself to Summer's lunch :)
Fun day at Tie Lake at my in-laws cabin!!
We forced Logan to go off the slide off the dock with me. He was so scared to let go but once we went he was laughing!
Tube ride....I'm serious when I say anything that moves will put noah to sleep haha!
Our color run in Calgary! It was a lot of fun before I lost my camera haha! 

Kisses from my boy!! 

First day of our fun camping trip at Premier Lake!! 
This is Noah's crazy face...and this is Logan's version of Noah haha!

Out for a morning family hike!

Papa and Logie so tired from our hike!
Daddy and Noah enjoying a drink haha!

At the beginning of the ride...and at the end of the ride haha!! I'm not lieing when I say Noah will always fall asleep haha!
Papa and Logie :)
Sweet baby girl!!

I love this picture of Noah!! So cute!!
Just me and my boy!! Love you Noah!!
Mindy and Logie going for a scooby doo ride :)
Love my little family!! last beach day! We had beautiful weather and such good company!
Can't wait to do it again next year!

Doing laundry at the end of our camping trip!