Monday, July 4, 2011

My nephew's 1st birthday!!

My nephew Logan turned 1 a few days ago on June 25th!! It was a super fun day! Of course I was asked to make the birthday cake and if you didn't already notice it was a GIANT caterpillar :) Logan loves baby einstien movies and at the beginning of every show this caterpillar comes crawling out and Logan claps his hands and get super excited every time haha! So we made him the baby einstien caterpillar and it turned out great!!

This is what Kyle and I gave Logan for his birthday! A turtle backpack! The head thing is only to use when it rains, it tucks inside!
Dee Luscher gave him and swing and he was so excited about it we had to give it a try right in the living room!

Funny Mommy :)
We love you sweet baby Logan!!