Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wedding Cakes!

So here are 2 of the wedding cakes I was hired to do this summer! The other one that there is no picture of was for my sister-in-law but for some reason it won't let me load it onto blogger! I have been trying and trying and that is what they are late ebing put up but I have decided that for now I will post these and when I FINALLY figure out what the problem is I will post the other one! I really wish it would work because hte other one was beautiful!!

This was the first wedding cake I did with buttercream icing! I was really nervous about betting it totally smooth but I think it turned out great!!

This one was small but super cute! I love these type of customer when they tell me the size but let me do whatever I want :) Also these pink flowers I grew in my garden this year from seed!! I don't usually do that but I just loved the bright pink color!!