Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo Catch up!

So I was feeling like I needed to do an update of pictures! I haven't shown any of my pictures over our Chirstmas holidays! So here they are....this is how we spent our holidays!!

Kyle and I with his parents on Christmas morning! This is a photo book we made for them of everybody pictures from our Church history tour we went on together this past summer!

My mom and her Grand Buddy :)

My parents and Jamie opening their Chirstmas presents. Tickets to Wicked the Broadway in May with kyle and I!!

My new Cricut machine from my mom! I did not even ask for this so it was completely unexpected!

My cousin Scotty and I! Friends for ever :)

For Christmas Kyle and I just did stockings for eachother and we decided to go on a ski trip to Nelson, BC for a couple days and go skiing! It was the best decision we made. It was nice to get away for a bit just the 2 of us and still have some Chirstmas holidays when we got back.

On the chair lift!

It is hard to tell but that is a huge rock/cliff that Kyle almost went over without even knowing it haha so I took his picture!

This tree reminded me oh Hoo Ville so I had to get a picture with it!

We had so much fun!

On our last day we wen to Ainsworth hot springs on the way home!

On the ferry!

Snowmobile day with out friends laurie, trevor and their kids!

This is laurie and I

Kyle and I with our new years hug at midnight :)

New years hug!

The girls at our new years party. We got kinda addicted to playing mario of the Wii haha!

And finally our Christmas tree! I almost didn't get a picture! I took this before I took it down...still looking good!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's been a while...

Well i just finished my first week back to work after Christmas holidays and I am going to be honest....I miss Christmas holidays haha! Don't get me wrong my job is great but I really enjoyed the freedom to do what I wanted in my day for a while...I bet it would get old after a while or I would just take is for granted and not be productive at all! Anyways of course my Christmas was good! I did a lot of baking with my mom and my mom came out and helped me decorate my chirstmas tree this year too!! Kyle likes the part of going and cutting down a christmas tree but the decorating part he could really care less about :) And thats ok because I know I would probably just end up moving the ornaments he would put on anyways haha! So Christmas eve we spent with Kyle's family and we actually slept at their house to because Heidi wanted us to and I am really glad we did! It was so fun to wake up early and be with more people than just Kyle and I! I like getting presents don't get me wrong but I also love watching people open things and watch their reaction! Sometimes that is just as fun as recieveing things yourself! Anyways later that day we went into my parents house and had Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts and such! Christmas is so much fun but the best part was my mom's cooking! There is just something about my mom's cooking that just hits the spot. Lots of people can cook the same things and I will enjoy them but my mom's cooking is always just the way I like it!! We ended up spending the night at my parents and Kyle and I went to Nelson on a ski trip the very next day! We were there for 4 nights, 3 days and it was so much fun! I am so glad we went!! The snow was great and it was a new hill for the both of us so it was exciting! We walked around Nelson everynight and did a little shopping but on our last day we went to Ainsworth hot springs and that was great! After working hard for the last couple days those hot pools felt really good! When we got home that was when reality hit in that it was almost time to go back to work :( Only one weekend left and it was back to the grind! Luckily we got Monday off as a holidays for New Year's so this week was only a 4 day week. I think a 5 day week back would have killed me haha! Anyways it is friday and I survived haha!