Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melissa's Grad.... & Kyle's haha

Last Friday was my Grad from college.... actually it was Kyle's to, but we didn't go cause he didn't really care. He said it would be a long boring day if we had to go to mine and his. Well I can't believe I finished my program, Seeing all my friends again was a blast but it all feels like a dream. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I'm finished college!

waiting in line

Getting my named announced

Shaking hands with the President

Amber & me, Man I'm going to miss her!

Mom, Dad, & I

Kyle borrowed my gown cause it was his grad to, haha

Sarah and I are so Excited to be finished!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Buddy Doesn't like the snow!!!

Here is a short little video of buddy playing.... well freezing in the snow. It the first time he has played in it! I think you all will get a little laugh out of this

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Canberra - Basically the first day of our trip

Well here is basically the first day of our trip. We landed in Sydney and got our van right away and drove to Canberra that day. We just cruised around the town, checked out the Capital Building, the was museum and spelt in the parliament building parking lot. I will slowly but surely keep uploading pictures of our trip

Sydney Airport, about 5 minutes after we landed, it was so hot and change right after this picture into shorts!

Our van... well our home!

A cool building @ Canberra, I think it's the mall!

Australian War Museum in Canberra (Canberra is the capital of Australia)

Presbyterian Church in Canberra. It was built in 1929

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our New Puppy!

Buddy just waking up after a nap in our bed with Melissa

Just after his first bath the first day we got him

Buddy playing with our niece Emilee

Emilee loves Buddy, she cry's every time she has to go home and she even prays at night that Buddy will be a good boy.

Well Sorry it has taken so long for us to post some pictures of the newest member of our little family! For all of you that don't know his name is Buddy. We have had him for 2 1/2 weeks. Just so you know he is 14 weeks now and is only 2.2 pounds. His dad was 3.5 pounds and his mom was 3 pounds, so the biggest he will get is 3.5 - 4 pounds.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Scuba Diving Pictures!!

Hey everyone!! So i know i havn't shown anyone pictures of our trip yet so i am starting to post some! Here are a few pictures of Kyle and I scuba diving! It was one of the favourite parts of a trip! We went diving 5 times! Kyle said he has found his new love haha and he wants to go on a trip one day where we go scuba diving every other day or every day he says! These are just a few of the many we got! We rented an underwater digital camera so you could imagine we have quite a lot! I thought i would be scared when we went underwater just because back home i don't like the water all that much because i can't see the bottom but here in this water i felt so comfortable and safe! You see everything, nothing was unknown! There were some points we could see like 30 meters deep! We even saw a small shark and i didn't freak out to my surprise. It just swam really slow and minded his own business and to tell you the truth it was kinda beautiful! It was a whole new world under there and i wish you all could have experienced it with us because pictures do not do justice! It does not portray the real bright colors or beautiful dimensions! But we hope you enjoy looking at some of these anyway! I will try and post some more later!
There are so many different kinds of coral! Everywhere you look there is something new to see!
Playing around doing spins under water!
This is a picture of my gage! We are 12.7 meters underwater and the water is still 29 degrees!! It is like a bath tub:)
Our hand at the bottom of the ocean! 12.9 meters deep!
It is seriously a whole new world under here! The dimensions on the coral are always changing and you can swim in between them like in this picture!

Kyle in front of some sweet coral!! There were some places where the coral was low to the bottom and then in some places it would pile up high close to the surface of the water.These fish always swam together and when they would move they seriously looked like silver in the light!
This is Kyle and I UNDERWATER! Haha

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our trip of a life time!!!

Hello everyone! So as you could guess we are home now.....away from the beautiful sunny weather and back into the cold blanket of snow. We realize that we did not post much about the last of our trip but time started to run out faster than we wanted and we decided to spend more time doing crazy things than find a computer haha! Sorry to keep you all waiting! We do not have any pictures yet but Kyle is uploading them onto his computer as we speak so I will be sure to post some soon! But we hope all of your enjoyed sharing our trip with us even though you were not there! Of course there are still many things that you missed but we will be sure to share everything with you as soon as we finish getting our pictures together and our lives as well! It was fosure the trip of a life time! If any of you ever get the chance to go to Australia we would highly recommend it! It is by far our favourite place we have both ever gone in our whole life! We both wished we didn't have to come home but everyone says that every good thing always comes to an end.....but I don't know if i completely believe that....I mean of course we had to leave Australia but we will never have to leave all the memories we had behind....that is something that we will have for the rest of our lives and I also believe that it made us grow together even more as a couple! As you could imagine living in a van your space was his space haha there is no other room to escape to if you annoy eachother haha but believe me.....we loved traveling in our van and it brought upon a lot of good laughs!! But we are feeling kinda tired so i think we should hit the sack!! We love you all!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goodbye Price Family!!

Here is a picture of us with the Price Family! This was taken like 5 minutes ago right before we were about to leave!! We had so much fun with them and we will always remeber their kindness of welcoming us into their home!! They treated us like family the whole time by feeding us, giving us a cell phone, letting us have showers and blow dry my hair, haha, and printing off directions to where ever we needed to go!!

This is the name of the bowling alley we went to! STRIKE!!

This is a picture of all three of us posing with our bowling balls trying to look cool!

We are about to leave Zach's for the night which is kinda sad! We had an awesome day with him! After we got home from the Temple we took a bus downtown and Zach gave us the grand tour. He took us to this huge mall called Myer Center! It was 6 levels and the top level was all games! We played some car racing games! It was the ultimate kid place!! We also went to the museum and to the man made beach in the middle of the city which was funny because they still had a surf patrol sign and they was clearly no waves haha! We did a little shopping and saw a lot of cool stuff but the ultimate thing we did today was to bowling! I know that sounds funny but bowling is pretty big down here and Zach took us to this bowling alley that turns into a bowling bar at 8:00pm. It is 10 pic bowling which also makes it way better and more fun! Here are a few pictures of our day! We have to go and get on the road. We need to make it up to Cairns in like 3 days and we have around 1600km to go haha so wish us luck:) Love you all!

Here is a picture of the sign Zachs mom Julie made for us to welcome us when we arrived at their house monday night!! She is the nicest lady ever!!

Surfer's Paradise & Brisbane Temple

Well hello again! It has been nice staying at Zach's house because we have access to internet whenever we want which is why there have been so many post's and we also got to do some laundry which was awesome!!! Last night after the zoo Zach took us out for dinner and we got to go up to this look out to see all of Brisbane at night!! It is beautiful at night! As for thismorning Kyle and I got up real early and went over to the Brisbane temple hoping we would be able to go for a temple session. We were lucky we just made it and they found some clothes for us as well which was great! Everyone there were missionaries because it was their P-Day. It sure was beautiful and so worth getting up early! We didn't have much for formal clothes but luckily i had my yellow roxy dress and kyle had a button up cream stripped shirt that he wore with her brown shorts and his new australian kangaroo tie! Everyone was very friendly there and when we were done we got to walk around the grouds with a senor sister missionary and she told us about all the symbolism about the grounds! We also ran into all the missionaries outside and ended up talking to all of them for a while. The senor sister was from Texas and i met another sister from Sydney and another from Arizona! They were also great girls! Anyways we are leaving Brisbane tonight which is real sad! We have had a lot of fun at Zach's house. Kyle is just in the shower right now and Zach's mom is making us a chicken/pee pie right now for us to take with us! She is the nicest lady ever! But here are some pictures we hope you enjoy!!

This is picture of Kyle and I at Surfers Paradise! We were there just a couple days ago and it was super hot! It was around 36 degrees!!

This is another picture of us at Surfers Paradise! The beach is beautiful here and this town is pretty much where ton's of celebrities come to! You can take celebriety spotting tours haha!
This is a picture of Kyle and I outside the Brisbane Temple thismorning!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Australia Zoo was a blast!

Last night we got to our friend Zach Price's house and it was great to see him! His parents were so welcoming and made us feel very comfortable. They had dinner waiting for us and we ate on their deck; it was a beautiful evening. (The weather that day was around 35 degree's.)
Anyways thismorning Kyle and I both got to have a shower not in a public shower!! It was really nice to have a door. I also got to blow dry by hair for the first time down here! Haha it felt really good:)
Today was a great day! We went to the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo!! The day started off sunny and beautiful but it started to rain around 1:00pm but it was still awesome! We got to go see the giant tortouise's, feed an elephant, watch the crocodile show, walk around and pet all the Kangaroo's, saw Tigers, hold a huge snake that Kyle and i both struggled to hold, and I got to hold a Koala!! We got some awesome pictures we will have to show you all when we get home!! We got to see way more animals but there is too many to name! All i can really say is that if anyone comes to Australia you need to go to the Australia Zoo!!!

When you turn off the motorway to get to the Zoo the road you turn onto is called Steve Irwin Way!! This is the sign at the beginning of it!

This is one of the sign at the beginning of the Zoo!

This is a picture at the Crocodile show! It was designed by Steve Irwin himself because he was obviously the crocdile trainer! This man was actually traied by Steve himself! They Croc is jumping for food!

This is a giant wooden crocodile at the front of the zoo!
This is all we have for now but we have a ton more to show you all when we get home!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fruit World Rocks!!!!

Here is a picture of us at the front of the park with the giant avacado! Did you know avacado's grow on trees and are hand picked!?!

Here is a picture of Kyle at the back of our tractor that took us through the farm! It is true, it really is the Home of the World's Largest variety of Tropical Fruit!

Here is a picture of me trying to feed the Emu. It didn't hurt it just scared me so when he pecked to eat some i jumped and threw the food up in the air!

First things first. Luke you rock. Thanks for the amazing advice on going to fruit world. We loved it so much that Kyle applied for a job there. Haha just kidding! Well the last few days have been really hot and sunny. We stayed in Byron Bay for 3 days and while we were there we went and had Surfing lessons with a company called Kool Kats!! Haha It was great! They took us out to a neighbouring town called Ballina. It was raining that day but the water was still warm and the waves were perfect! Kyle and I got up with the first try, it was not as hard as we thought it was going to be. Kyle got the hang out it right away and he actually started to learn how to do a spin on his board while riding it. As for me I found it easy to get up but the longer the board the harder it is to control but to learn it is best to use a long board so i would find myself starting to turn sideways and I would just have to jump off. By the end of it I learned how to turn my board and i was able to go straight haha! It was awesome!

As for Fruit World!! We went to fruit world yesterday and it was a very hot day! Before we got there we went swimming at Byron Bay for 2 hours and it is true what they say about the Australian CAN get sunburned within 5 minutes haha! But we got to fruit world around 1:30pm which was great because the last tour of the day started at 2:00pm. They took us on this tractor all through the farm. They had so many crazy gradens, Aztec Gardens, Indian Garden, Chocolate Garden, Asian Garden, Berry Garden, Olive Garden......there were so many! They have the most variety of fruit in the world!! You pretty much see new fruit you never even knew existed. We got to stop along the way, such as we got to stop at the Macadamia Nut tree and pick a couple nuts and crack them open; they were soooooo good! We went further along and we got to go on a mini train ride. And what i mean by mini is the train track in like 1 foot wide. You stradle the seat and ride around part of the part haha! Then we went on a boat ride through the river to another part of the park where we got to feed Kangaroo's and Emu's. The Emu kinda scared me when they pecked at my hand haha! They didn't hurt me it just made me jump! Feeding the Kangaroo's was so fun, it feels funny when they eat because they are so gentle and they pretty much just lick the food off your hand! When we were done the whole tour we got to go for a praivate food tasting! It was really neat because we found ourselves liking some fruit that we don't usually like at all, such as grapefruit and mangos. But they day was awesome! Here are a few pictures we hope you enjoy!!
Fruit World Rocks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey everyone!! So far our trip has been awesome as you would expect but the only downer is it has been raining like crazy! Apparently it is flooding up in Cairns! But depite that we have been able to find fun other places! The past 2 days we have been traveling up to the coast and we have been stopping at cute little towns and beautiful beaches and it has been just our luck that the rain has stopped and the sun has come out for the whole time we went swimming! It was awesome! So in the afternoons we get at least 4 hours of sun shine! We went swimming at Newcastle at the beach called Nobby beach and in Booti Booti National Park at a beach called Elizabeth beach! Elizabeth beach was beautiful, nothing but pure sand a clear water! And the waves were huge, close to 10 feet haha!! (When we hit them wrong they pounded us hard aha! we did many summersaults under water!)
Well we hope you enjoy our pictures!! We are in a little place called Byron Bay today and we will be here until Sunday! Tomorrow we are going for surf lessons which should be great and the next day we might go scuba diving!! Scary!! haha but we will post soon! Love you all!!

This is a picture of Kyle and I at the Bega Cheese factory! This was a town before Sydney! We got some lunch here and they made a mean grilled cheese sandwhich haha!!

This was 2 nights ago. Kyle and i stopped and slept at a truck stop called "The Rock" and we made dinner in our campervan for the first time! (The gas station was really shaped like a rock! It was huge)

This was me on Nobby Beach at Newcastle! 10 minutes later the rain stopped and we went boogie boarding! I knew the heavens were listening! haha
Oh and we found our boogie boards by a garbage can in a national park we drove through. There was no one around and they weren't broken so we threw them in the back of our van and they work awesome! Haha!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

Hey guys! So i finally found a place where i had time to post some pictures!! So far our trip has been awesome! We flew into Sydney on the 5th and drove down to Canberra that night. It is the Capital of Australia and it is pronounced Can-bra, the E is silent! The next day we drove all the way to Melbourne which took us all day cause we took our time taking pictures of road signs and the scenery! That night we went to the broadway Wicked at the Regent Theatre in Melboure which was worth every penny!! I would recommend it to everyone to see it! Then the next day we went on this all day tour that started at 7:30 AM and we didn't get back to our van till 9:00 PM. The tour was great and we got to go on our first ever helicopter ride!! It was awesome and me (Lissa) got to sit in the front seat right against the window! I got super car sick during the tour and i threw up 6 times!! But i am good now so i hoping whatever it was will not come back!So far we have slept at the Parliment buidling in Canberra, the Melbourne Zoo and the Melbourne Temple haha! The temple was closed because it was Sunday but we got a few nice pictures! We gotta go but when we get home ask us to tell you how crazy it was driving in Melbourne...just to give you a hint try driving on the wrong side in the biggest city we have ever been in without a map and down town in a hightop van that doesn't fit in any underground parking haha!
We could only get this one picture to post here but we will try another day!!
Love you all

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Van!

I am just learning how to add photos to my posts just incase I have the time to add a few along the way. So I decided to show you a picture of what our van looks like. This is the style we rented so it should look pretty much the same. Just next time Kyle and I will be in the picture too:)

This is the type of van Kyle and I are going to be living in while in Australia!!

This is a map of Australia. We are going to be flying into Sydney, going down to Melbourne and then back up the whole Eastern Coast all the way up to Cairns. We are stopping along the way and just hope to have an awesome time!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australia here we come!!!

Soo Kyle and I are about to start a fun new adventure. We are going to Australia for a whole month just to travel!! We leave on Tuesday and it is going to be crazy!! As you can see i finally decided to use my blog and i designed it to match our trip!! I am going to try and get to a computer and post here every other day so i don't have to write 100 emails and everyone can enjoy the excitment with me!!


So as you can see i have never really kept up on my blog haha! But for the past month i have been wanting you but i don't know how!! I tried to change by background a couple weeks ago but when i would press save to apply it it would never work!! But i can't sleep now and i am wanting to do something and so i tried to change it again and the background still won't change!!! I am telling you it is wack!!! And i can't text mindy cause is almost 1:30 in the morning haha so i know she will laugh when she reads this but whatever!!! Goodnight i guess!