Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Big 50!!

So this past Thursday (June 10th) was Kyle's moms 50th birthday and we all planned a surprise party! Of course I was assigned the cake haha! So here it is!! I was very happy with it! Cakes take a long time to prepare and so I just don't have that kind of time to do it very often anymore and so I was very happy with this cake and really enjoyed doing it because I spread all the jobs out between 3 days. I made the royal icing and made the daisy's on Tuesday, I made the leaves, cake filling and the cake on Wednesday and then on Thursday all I had to do was ice the cake and put it all together!! It was great and actually relaxing...I wasn't rushed and when I'm rushed that is what makes it not fun!!
I don't know if you can see much of the detail on the daisy's but I was so happy with myself because I finally figured out how to make the perfect daisy. I thought the yellow middles were a little to big of these ones but the petals are the hard part and I finally perfected them!!
Mom incase you didn't notice that is your cake stand haha! I stole it from your pantry!! haha I need a nice cake stand!!

All the girls in Kyle's side of the family so far plus Granny and Auntie May haha!
Donell loves my cakes....she has always thought they were amazing right from the very beginning when I first stared and they weren't very good then! But she loves it when I make her one! And look at the candles...they say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its been awhile.....

These are little birds that are down in our campground. They can't fly so they just run around really fast!! These are the babies! Look how small they are next to a dandelion!!

So I was doing really good there for awhile and than I just got busy again and forgot about this. Anyways since March things have just seemed to go really really fast!! In April I started to get my green house ready to plant things and as of right now the whole thing full, it is hard to walk in it :) I have 4 different sizes of sunflowers (16 inches to 12 feet!), 40 sweet pea flowers, pansy's, geraniums, petunias, impatiens, lobelia, and some small petunia like flowers that I have in hanging baskets. Those are all my flowers I grew!! And than I have some pumpkins, cantaloupe (which is new, i have never tried this!), watermelon (which i never have much luck with but I still try it), Broccoli (which grows great!!!), and 30 beef steak tomato plants so they are HUGE!! Ya so that is my obsession with plants and flowers haha! Other than that April flew by!

May I did a lot of searching and shopping for the perfect blanket I could make my almost here nephew to show him how much his Auntie loves him!!! It took me a while but I found it. My sister will be looking on here so I can't tell you about it but when it is done I will post a picture!! It is going to be my best work yet haha! Only for the best little boy in the world of course!!
Other than that Spring has been a crazy one. It started of beautiful hot weather where we were wearing shorts and than it turned very cold and doesn't seem to want to go away still. but along with spring come beautiful sunsets and baby animals and chirping birds and everything starts to turn green!! I love this time of year!