Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australia here we come!!!

Soo Kyle and I are about to start a fun new adventure. We are going to Australia for a whole month just to travel!! We leave on Tuesday and it is going to be crazy!! As you can see i finally decided to use my blog and i designed it to match our trip!! I am going to try and get to a computer and post here every other day so i don't have to write 100 emails and everyone can enjoy the excitment with me!!


So as you can see i have never really kept up on my blog haha! But for the past month i have been wanting you but i don't know how!! I tried to change by background a couple weeks ago but when i would press save to apply it it would never work!! But i can't sleep now and i am wanting to do something and so i tried to change it again and the background still won't change!!! I am telling you it is wack!!! And i can't text mindy cause is almost 1:30 in the morning haha so i know she will laugh when she reads this but whatever!!! Goodnight i guess!