Monday, August 30, 2010

My New Patio Set!!!

I love my new patio set!! Hal and Donell (Kyle's parents) bought it for us as an anniversary present and they decided to do something big as a special thankyou for helping so much with Jill's wedding!! I couldn't believe it when they gave it to us!! We just got it on Friday night! I put it together today...I know it is the end of the summer but I had to see it set up :) They are deep chairs and the cushions are so comfy!!! It looks so good on my deck to :) Jill and Brandon also got us the matching swing to match which I was so surprised! I almost felt a little bad because I felt like they shouldn't be buying us gifts...they are ones who just got married haha but it was a very nice surprise! I didn't put the swing together, I might not put it up this year either. I might just wait till next spring!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exciting News!

So I have always thought it would be cool to do cakes as a mini side business but with my real job and all my other hobbies and just life I just always talk myself out of it and say, "No Liss it will just stress you out and it won't be fun. Try to keep the fun in the work!" So I haven't ever tried to pursue anything. But over the last couple years I have done some thing here and there for family and I have done a couple wedding cakes for some friends which I really like. Anyways as of right now I have a wedding cake booked for Friday August 20th, another wedding cake booked for Saturday August 21st and another one booked for Saturday August 28th. And the crazy part about it is all of these people came to me, I had nothing to do with it! It will be crazy I know but I am not working now and so I have a lot of time to prepare slowly and make sure I have time to have fun during it all :) I am so excited... maybe I my little cake business will actually become something someday haha! No not really...I think I like just doing it casually out of my home! And once work starts back up in September I know I won't have much time for it again but I guess summer comes every year and it seems that is the crazy times for weddings and with my job I am always off work in the summer:) Maybe I will just call it a summer job where I can work my own hours whenever I want :) Thats the best kind right?

Also I got booked for a little girls birthday party in October already! And I have already come up with the cutest idea and the mom loves it so I will have to make sure to post a picture when the time comes!! I guess thats how I have attracted people, I put up pictures of everything I have done and people like it so they contact me :) I am so excited! Wish me luck in the next couple weeks! Its going to be great!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

This one is for Anutie Gerri, Kelly and Kenny!!

I just had to put a picture up for these girls! For my birthday they got me this doughnut cake pan from William Sonoma. (the best cooking store in the world haha) A couple days after my birthday the campground people had a August long weekend party and it was a big get together for everyone. There was tons of food and a boat race in the creek; it was a fun day! Anyways I decided it was a perfect oppourtunity to try out my newest cake and see what reviews I got back. Anyways everybody loved it and I thought it looked great for my first try :)
In the words of little Brookey, "MMMMM Doughnut!!" That is what she said when she watched me open the gift haha!

My Birthday!

I know I haven't done much blogging for a while but I have been off on holidays! Kyle and I are going on an anniversary trip today but I thought I would post something before I left and than when I come home I will have to post about my big holiday we just went on! But it was just my birthday on July 25th and I turned 21! Kyle and Scott said we should all go to Vegas and go gambling haha. Instead this is what I did!
Kyle planned a BBQ at our house with all his family. The best part was I didn't have to cook anything or clean up anything! But this is the cake Emilee and her mom Rylee made me for my Birthday!! Very Yummy!
We have these friends Lloyd and Shirley and whenever it is one of our birthdays the other couple takes them out for dinner and pays! So Lloyd and Shirley took Kyle and I out for my birthday and I choose to go to Marco Polo! I was really wanting some chinese food :) But before dinner we planned on going golfing. We went to the Cranbrook golf course which turned out to be great! I learned how to hit my driver really good and it was kinda an overcast day so we didn't melt in the sun!!

Kyle right about to swing!

Me and my best friend Shirley:)