Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our cousins came to visit again!

At the end of february my sister Mindy and her kids Logan and Summer came for 2 weeks to visit! It was lots of fun of course and we were sad to see them leave. We spent as much time with them as we could and Noah loved ever moment of it! He loves his 2 cousins but I really think Logan is his favourite! First of all he is a boy but I think Noah just loves logans personality, like how he likes to wrestle Noah and jump around from couch to couch and stuff like that! While they were here visiting though Noah was going through one of the worst non eating phases I have ever experienced! He has always been difficult and has had times of struggle but for about a month Noah was so brutal. He is still not very great but he is getting better. Not sure what is going on with him, maybe teeth or something but I figure it will soon pass. Atleast I hope haha. Well here are some of the fun moments I caught on camera while we had all 3 of the kiddlets together!

Noah and Summer both wanted to go in the sled haha!
I think this picture is so sweet! 
The boys still love the Gator!! Logan asks for it everytime he comes to my house 
Mindy had to take my picture of my growing baby belly all sqeezed into my snow pants. She said I looked hilarious!
Sledding at Idle Wild Park

My little cheese ball
Kyle and I have been teaching Noah how to ski this winter and so we decided to go one day and take Logan for the first time!

The kids matching Pj's from the M&M store in Las Vegas

The best papa ever!