Saturday, May 18, 2013

Noah is 10 Months Old!!

My little man is 10 Months old already!! Time just is flying by its like I blink for a minute and its already been another month!! I can't believe it! The past month has been a fun one! Noah is just becoming more and more busy!! He keeps me moving but he is such a happy boy he makes it fun!! I really don't think I could ask for a happier baby!! We are very blessed! So here is a bunch of stuff about Noah is the past month. I write stuff down in my baby calendar and in my cell phone I don't want to forget so I am just going to write a bunch of that!

  • April 10th - Noah goes up and down with his eating and sometimes we have to really convince him he wants to open his mouth haha. So on this particular morning Noah made me clap my hands and say "yay" after each bite of breakfast. Whatever works right!
  • April 11th - You gave mama a kiss for the very first time! Noah had just woken up and Kyle went and got him out of bed and brought him to me. I was still latying in bed so he just layed him on my stomach and when I said good morning Noah he smiled real big and gave me a big wide open mouth kiss right on my mouth. Drool and all :)
  • April 12th-13th - This weekend Noah spent the night at home without me for the very first time!! My mom, Jamie and I went away and Noah stayed home with Kyle! I know Kyle is fully capable of taking care of Noah and he knows how to put him to bed but he has never done the night time thing with Noah before so I was a little nervous. I think I was more nervous than Kyle, he didn't even seem phased! But Noah was still nurseing so I had pumped and left him with a bunch of milk and there is a bunch frozen in the freezer so he did have enough food. Luckily Noah takes a bottle great! But they did awesome! It was so weird to not have Noah! I guess once your a mom its hard to turn it off!
  • Noah also got 2 more teeth this past month. They were his top front teeth!! He has such a cute smile now!! I love my little boy!!
  • Noah's streak of falling officially has started! He fell against our front door and hit his gums and cut them open!! Not fun. He also got a bloody nose this month too! Those are the only times he has been bloody but he is always falling. He can pull himself up to anything and everything now and he will walk all around holding onto things like the couch, TV stand or he will even hold onto the back on your pants and walk around the house with you! haha that one is funny! But he is always falling because of it and so he always has bruises on his head. It is funny!! When we hold onto his hands he just wants to run!! I guess he doesn't have time for going slow haha!!
  • He loves our door so much!! I have to lock it all the time now so someone doesn't just come over and take him out!! It is a love hate relationship too. He loves it because of the window and he has learned how to kneel and stand up with it but when he stands up he will yell and panic because when he falls it isn't a good scene.
  • At the end of April Noah started doing a real crawl on his hands and knees. None of this army crawling stuff anymore. For a while he would start off crawling and than would fall down onto his belly and just go fast. He likes to get places fast and he was faster at slideing. But now he just crawls normal now. He has gotten real fast 
  • Noah is becoming a very fast army crawler. I went out to the garage to put something in the freezer and I left the door open and when I went to go back inside Noah had crawled out the door onto the deck and was talking to his dad hitting golf balls on our lawn!! Haha
  • I think it's funny when Noah is sleeping and he starts to cry and than just goes back to sleep. It's like what?? He goes from full out crying and before I can get there it's done.
  • May 2nd - I had a band cough for so long in April and I just couldn't get rid of it. Anyways this one morning Kyle and I were laying on the couch and I coughed and Noah totally copied me. I didn't pay much attention to it at first but Kyle was like, "Did Noah just copy your cough." So I coughed again and sure enough he was haha! Funny kid!
  • I also started sleep training Noah. I started it at the end of last month and it went real well. He caught on right away. But than we got busy and it was just easier to nurse him to sleep so I did. Bad idea!! Lesson to self: once you got something just stick with it! So than I decided we needed to do it again because I am going to start stopping nurseing soon and I don't know how he will go to bed if I don't nurse because thats how he always falls asleep! He has complied but it wasn't as easy because he can stand up in his crib now. Before when he would wine he would just roll around in his bed and than fall asleep in a funny position and I would just go in a cover him up after but now I have to go in every minute and keep laying him back down. He really likes it when I rub his head in circles and sing. He seems to really like the church song I am a child of God!! And I figure I can sing to you, thats ok :)
  • April 7th - Tody was the day we said goodbye to Auntie Jamie!! She left for her mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is going to Jackson Mississippi. We won't see her till November 2014!! Noah will be almost 2 1/2. Its crazy to think about it but we are sure going to miss her! She is such an example to me and I am so supportive of her decision!! I wonder what Noah will think of her when she comes home!! 
But the biggest things that happened to me this past month was on April 14th and this is what I wrote down that night:
Just had my first big spirit guiding experience as a mother! I had just put Noah down for bed and I could hear him talking. I didn't think much of it because as many of you know my son is a talker. Anyways as I was laying in my bed reading my book I all of a sudden got the strongest feeling and these words instantly came to my mind, "go check on Noah, he is standing up on his bed." I thought I was silly but as soon as I thought that I again had a prompting telling me to hurry. I listened and as I quickly went to Noah's room sure enough I found him standing in his crib on the side closest to the door which is right above his hard wooden toy box. He was as happy as could be bouncing up and down and hitting the side rail of his crib but what he didn't know was the danger that was about the happen. I am so grateful for that still small voice that came to me tonight but most of all I am so very grateful that I am spiritually in tune enough to be able to hear these promptings that I am able to help keep my family safe and happy!!

Anyways her is a big photo dump of the past month!! There is so many I just can't pick only a few!!
One of his many funny faces!!
They wait by the door A LOT! I think they are always looking for Kyle!

This is Noahs crazy face!! It is so funny! Always makes me laugh! He does it when he meets new people sometimes which is halarious haha!!
He does this all the time and he will clench his fists and put his arms up in the air and shake! Haha or he will just go stiff and shake. Not sure what the heck but it's funny.

 Noah loves all of Daddy's machines!! They are in the bob cat here!
He loves our door so much!! I have to lock it all the time now so someone doesn't just come over and take him out!! It is a love hate relationship too. He loves it because of the window and he has learned how to kneel and stand up with it but when he stands up he will yell and panic because when he falls it isn't a good scene. So far we have bumped heads, big scratches on his head and the worst was bloody gums!! 
This is how Noah fell asleep one day! Funny kid! He was like kneeling!

 Crazy meal times!! The bottom pictures was the first time I gave him scrambled eggs! He's still not sure about them but he likes making a mess!!

He was playing in this box while I was making dinner and he was happy there so I just decided he would have dinner in it too!! Whatever makes him happy!
We love our Auntie Jamer!!

Army Crawling all around Grandma's kitchen!!

  Noah loves going for walks so we do a lot of them!!
My little dare devil!! Standing the bathtub is all fun and games until you fall. Now that part isn't as fun. But he doesn't seem to get that those 2 things go together haha
 We love our daddy so much!! Noah is forsure a daddy's boy too! Whenever his daddy comes home during the day and than have to leave again he seriously has a meltdown sometimes!!

This is the cake I made for Jamie's farewell party! We will miss you Jamie!! We will write you tons!! 

This is a friends Beetle that he just finished re-modeling!! Isn't it so cool! Is any of you know me a Volkswagon Bug was my dream vehicle when I was little!!

One of his battle wounds! Always falling haha!
His 10 Month Photo!! Sweet Boy!! Love you baby!!