Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 months!!!

My little Noah is 4 months old already and I can't believe it!! It feels like he just got here and yet I can't imagine my days without him anymore!! When you have a baby your day is so wrapped around making then happy that you kinda don't pay much attention to time or anything and than all of a sudden you're like oh it's dinner time....the day is almost over...what?? Haha that's the best way to describe my life right now :) But no I really do love being a mom!! I didn't realize how much I wanted Noah or even how ready I was for this stage in my life until it happened!! Some women say they don't bond with their baby instantly but I for sure did!! The moment I held Noah I didn't want to ever let him go again!! He was mine and I knew right than and there that I was going to do all it took to make sure he would always be safe and happy!! It's crazy how your mind just instantly switches into something new where instead of thinking of ways to make you happy and do things you want, everything changes focus to your children. Like for instance I plan things around Noah's naps and make sure I'm home for his bath and bedtime. And instead of looking at fabric and stuff for me on the Internet (like I used to almost everyday) I look at baby clothes haha!! We went to calgary 3 times this fall and I think I bought maybe 2 things for myself. Everything else was for Noah :) haha!!
Anyways I want to post every month and write down all the new little things Noah likes and can do now!! I don't want to miss anything and it goes by way to quickly!! So Noah is now 4 months old and here are a few things about him!
- he loves to talk!! He has started to talk a lot lately but now he does it all the time. If you talk to him he loves to talk back. He loves it when I mimic his noises and we take turns talking back and forth :)
- his tooth is now no where to be found!! He drools like a faucet though so sometimes I wonder why I put him in these really cute outfits all the time because all he does is drool like crazy so he has to wear a bib all the time!!
- Noah lives his big cousin Logan!! He loves to watch him be crazy and loves when Logan talks to him!! Logan is so sweet to Noah!! Whenever he hears him cry he starts running around saying susu? Susu? That means soother haha! And he really will bring it over and give it to Noah!! Also whenever I lay Noah on the ground he comes over (most of the time at a full sprint) and than stops and very gently rubs his head and gives him kisses on his forehead and talks to him. It is so sweet to watch them together. I can't wait to watch them grow up together. Logan and baby Summer are gone now. They moved on the 14th which was really sad!! I'm just glad we have things like Skype where we can video chat and still see each other!!
- Noah is also very interested in what is going on around him!! He likes to be up where you are and be a part of the action haha!! Like whenever I am using my kitchen aid or making dinner he likes me to sit him in his little chair right on the counter and watch. He thinks my kitchen aid is funny when it spins really fast :)
- he is 15 lb 5oz now. He isn't very chunky in once place in particular he is just one solid man all the way down. He is like a brick haha!
But that is all for now!! I want to try and be better at writing these things down because I know I will be sad if I don't!!

Noah all ready for the trick or treater to come :)
Big Boy sitting up!!
My happy boy!
Grandma and King Noah!!
Noah at his first movie "Wreck it Ralph." We went with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Mindy, Logan and baby Summer!!
We had a bon fire in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard!!

This is what Noah likes to do when I am in the Kitchen!! He likes to be a part of all the action!!!
His 4 month picture!! All dressed up in his church clothes still