Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little moments

I feel like all the little moments in the life as a mother as what make it all worth it! Everyday Noah does something new that makes me just sit back and smile. They are most always small things that to other people would go completely unnoticed and not very important or significant but to me they are the moments that make it all worth it because I am able to sit back and for the first time in my life watch a little mind grow and develop right before my eyes. I feel like if someone asked me I would describe Noah as my true pride and joy because I made him, I grew him, I brought him to this world and I get to spend every moment of every day helping him become the wonderful boy he is becoming! I know one day he will have a mind of his own to think for himself but I am the one person who is helping him get there and I only hope I can so the very best job so I will look back and have no regrets. 

Here are a few little moments lately that make me smile!

My little man has a new love for Lego. When we were in the hospital they have us a little dollar store set of Lego and I never knew how much he would love them! He plays with them everywhere. I always bring a few pieces of Lego with me. But this particular day he kept building different towers, clap and smile at me, destroy it and then start all over again. 

Noah has a new found live for shoes. Specially big shoes that arn't his. Pretty much every day you will find him in our front closet taking out one pair at a time and trying to walk around the house in them, high heels and all. At the end of the day when I go to pick up the toys around the house I usually have to put away a bunch if shoes as well haha. 

My little monkey! If there is something that is off the ground he will usually find a way to master it and climb it somehow. Like this new printer box Kyle just brought home the other day. Noah pushed the computer chair over to it, climbed the chair and then jumped onto the box. His mind just amazes me everyday how smart he is becoming. 

This boy loves his papa so much! It doesn't matter what they are doing as long as papa is involved he will usually be interested. Like the other day I was trying to get Noah to come somewhere and as soon as I said Noah come see papa he came running instantly! I guess my dad eventually got his boys, he just had to wait till his grandchildren were born. 

But this is the quite moment that made me think to write this post this morning. Nothing big or real significant but to me as a mother it was big. He wanted to play with his play table but I guess he was tired of standing so he decided to go find his chair on the other side of the room to bring it over. The only problem was there was a pillow in the way where his chair needed to go so instead of getting frustrated and angry he just put his chair down, moved the pillow and then put his chair where he wanted it to go. His little mind is growing everyday and I love watching happen right before my eyes. He was able to solve the problem all by himself and I was proud!