Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My growing little man!

So I know I havn't done a post in a while dedicated to Noah so I decided it was about time I did an update of all the changes in my little mans life! He was 21 months old yesterday and that is so crazy to me! He still feels like he should be my tiny baby but everyday he shows me something new he can do or say. Like just the other day my cousins Lindsey asked him what a monkey says and she made the sound to him and now it's his favourite animal sound haha. It's really cute. He just does a high pitch EEEEEEE! His other favourite is a cow. But I find it funny that that's his favourite animal sound because it is very fitting to his personality haha. I have always said he was my little monkey. Like he talks like a monkey and he climbs like a monkey. He has pretty much mastered climbing everything in my house. Tall stools, garbage can, counter tops, laundry baskets. If it is to high he will find a way by pushing something over to it to climb first. I've tried so hard to keep him down but that just causes meltdowns and to me those are worse right now. He is such a stubborn kid. I mean who am I to talk though, I'm pretty sure I wasn't any easier at how age but as for the climbing....I blame that all on Kyle haha and he agrees. Kyle has decided Noah is going to be his little adventure seeking buddy. I figure he is a pretty promising student. He is so active and doesn't show much fear. He can swim with water wings already, has gone skiing a few times and likes it, and clearly loves to climb everything! Noah also thinks his dad is the best thing ever. He has all the coolest things such as his gators and machines and he is just so much fun I guess. Now that Kyle works at the golf course again we spend a much a big chunk of every day outside following Kyle around. Noah loves being outside and it is great for me because he tires himself out. 
Anyways here are some new things Noah has done lately. 

19 month notes:
- he loves to give kisses and thinks its funny if you dodge them last minute. My dad does that all the time and Noah will just keep going in for the kiss anticipating my dad to turn his face last minute and then will laugh so hard!
- gives high fives
- can blow kisses . Sometimes he will even give you his hand to kiss as if he is passing you a kiss or something. 
- showed me he can climb out of his crib
- February 6th we got shots and Noah is 24lbs and almost 33in tall

20 & 21 month notes:
-Makes the MUAH sound when he blows kisses now. 
- April 8 he weighed himself at the midwifes and is 25.6lbs
- has completely mastered climbing out of his crib. I don't get him out of bed ever anymore. I put a night light in the hallway because in the night time he will wake up and just walk to our bedroom and climb into our bed and fall asleep. I find it pretty cute but surprising because up until now if I ever tried to lay down in bed with him he would wake up instantly and start dressing out. Now he absolutely loves it. Maybe because it is his idea now. 
***Let me tell you the story of when he first started making this an everyday habit. He got out of bed himself that morning and and in the middle of the night but he would just wait by his door and call my name. That's why I put the nightlight in the hallway because I think he I scared of  the dark because now he just walks himself to find me in bed. But anyways he had only done it a few times so I didn't know it was a new habit but I was sitting on the couch during his nap and I always close our glass French doors while he sleeps so it is quieter. Well I turned to grab my drink on the side table which is the direction towards the doors and I see Noah just standing on the other side of the doors smiling and waving at him. It scared the crap out of me so bad! I don't even know how long he was standing there for! But this habit has not stopped since so we have decided it is time for a big boy bed for Noah. He could have been in it about a month ago but instead of buying one Kyle decided to build Noah a bed. It is built and is great but I need to paint it and I guess I have just been a little busy and slow. But it will be soon. 
- Noah has started swimming lessons. He loves them! The first day all the other kids were shivering from the colder water and clinging to their moms and Noah was the child who was kicking and fussing as much as he could to try and get away from me haha. And then when it came time to go down the slide the other children had to be coaxed and convinced to slide down where Noah would go no matter if someone was at the bottom to catch him or not. 
- these are all his words to date. 
I think that's all or them. Maybe I am missing some but I can't think right now. He is a boy of few words but he completely understand everything and knows how to get his point across very well. 

He is our crazy little man but we love him for it! Some days are hard because he is so high energy he gets frustrated when I can't keep up to his energy level haha but I wouldn't change him for the world! He is the reason that I get so frustrated some days but he is also the one thing that brings me the most joy! I can't wait to see how he will be when he meets our new little baby soon! He has such a tender heart in some ways that I can only imagine he will show so much love to his new brother or sister! 

I took noah outside today to take a few pictures of him and this is what I got!
This one is my favourite!!