Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Cakes!!

Hello everyone!! So I know I havn't posted in a very long time (other than my husbands random post about a beaver that was a couple years ago haha) Anyways other than working this is what I have been up to lately! I am getting better I think :)
This was my friend Carly's wedding cake I made for her!!

I loved the gerber daisy's! They were beautiful!!
This was a cake I made for Kyle's Granny's birthday! She turned 80 somthing but I just can't remember exactally? 83 or 84? Haha!! Anyways Kyle's family is quite large when all the cousins and aunts and uncles get together so I made a nice big slab cake!!

This was a birthday cake I made for my auntie Trina!! She loved it as you can see!! She is a closet icing lover haha and I know she loves cream cheese icing so it is decorated and filled with pink cream cheese icing!!

I Love Beaver

I was talking to Ren and he told me that his wife Jessica didn't know what my wife looked like without her Grad cap on, so here you go Ren & Jessica. These pictures are of us hanging out one day, doing regular Canadian things..... the dead beaver is a fake....I hope.