Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things lately...

So it has been 3 weeks today since my surgery! I have to say I am feeling pretty good!! My surgery day took sooo long to come and I was so nervous but now that it is behind me and I am on the recovery side things are looking good! I still have things I am dealing with that I really hate but at least I can say I think it was worth all this pain and I think it will help me a lot in my future! I never thought I would hear myself say this but I am glad I did this....I just hope my body is healing the way it should be on the inside and I don't regret saying those words haha! Everyday I am getting more and more independent, like for example last Friday I was able to put my sock on by myself haha. I can't do it when I am sitting on my bed or a chair but I have this little step stool that we have beside our bed for our dog buddy to get on our bed with and if I sit on that because I am so close to the ground that I can put my sock on. It isn't the easiest but I can still do it haha. Today I was also able to out myself in the shower on my bath stool. I couldn't get myself out so Kyle had to come home and help me but that's ok. One step at a time right :)
We are going to Calgary today after Kyle is done work because I have my first follow up appointment with my surgeon Dr. Buckley tomorrow at noon. He is going to do some
X-rays and we are going to talk about how everything is going I guess! I am excited. I got some x-rays done about a week ago but I am excited to hear what my doctor thinks. They are going to give me copies of my x-rays so I will have to stick a picture of it in my journal. It is kind if interesting!! Anyways wish me luck!!
It is also my sister Mindy's birthday today!! It was really to bad because she has been visiting us in Cranbrook for the past month and just had to leave on Saturday! We went out for dinner the night before she left but its to bad we didnt get to spend her birthday with her. But If it was me I would want to go and spend it with my husband to! I miss her already and it has only been a few days! But I just wanted to give a shout out saying how much I love her and that she will always have a special place in my heart!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Since I've been home!

I love being home!! There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed!! The first little while I did a lot of sleeping! The first day my mom, mindy, jamie & logie came out which was nice. Even when I am just laying around it is nice to have people to do that with. It is someitmes a comfort just to know people are there! My grandparents came out one day too which was nice. All I wanted to do the day my grandma came was go outside so she helped me go outside for the first time and go see my greenhouse!!! I know it sounds funny but I was so excited to see my flowers! I have only been to church once since I have been home. I stayed the whole time which I payed for in pain later but I didn't want to go home! I liked being out and around people again. It made me feel some what normal.
The other day I fell :( It was right after my family left and I don't really know what happened cause all I was doing was walking with my crutches in my bedroom and I must have lost my balance and fell forward and for some reason my reflex was to put my left leg out (my broken leg) and catch myself with it. It did hold me up so I luckily didn't fall flat on the ground but it scared me really bad because I had put all of my jarring weight on my leg!! I instantly grabbed my knee and squeezed it hard to see if it was a different kind of pain. It really hurt but seemed like a normal pain. I got up and walked to the couch and out an ice pack on my knee. When kyle got home I told him and he felt really bad. By the time it was time for bed I was so stiff in my hip and knee and I had this huge buldge out the side of my hip. It was big and hard and hurt so bad to touch! Kyle checked me out and said he though everything still looked normal and in line and so we decided maybe I had just seized my muscles or something. But I ended up getting a hard lump on the outside of my knee and the whole top of my leg was really tight. I went to the doctor yesterday and he thought the same thing. My muscles were angry at me haha. I also had some x-rays done and they were really cool to see. You can see the rod and the screws and the most crazy thing is you can seem my bone just stop and than start again. It is weird because even though I still have pain and problems I don't feel like my bone is not connected! It is weird to think about that!
Thinks Aunties new toys are the best!!

So excited to be standing all by himself haha! He scream's when he does this haha!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Sugery!

So it is over and done! I had my surgery and now I am onto the recovery side. Its not as bad as I thought it was going to be but it is still not easy. Let me start from the beginning of everything. It all started when Kyle and I had to be at the Calgary, Foothills hospital by 5:30am on May the 10th. It was a very early morning especially because the hospital said you have to shower and wash your hair the morning of so that made me get up even earlier. But we made it there on time. Kyle was able to come through everything with me while getting ready up until the moment they took me into surgery. That was a hard moment! First of all by that moment I was very nervous and kept saying to Kyle, "I don't know if I really wanna do this!!" The nurse came and got me and said I had to say goodbye to my husband and I would see him later. I started to cry! I was scared and the fact that I knew what was going to happen made it even harder. I have often wondered to myself, "who signs themselves up to get their leg broken....I must be crazy!!" And I was really thinking about those words at that very moment! The nurse took me through these large doors that you needed a special pass to get into where I immendiatly saw my surgeon and I realized than it was final....this surgery was really happening. They had me wait in this waiting area and they gave me a nice warm blanket. My surgeon came over and assured me everything was going to be ok but it was ok to be upset and scared. He went over the whole surgery with me again and than asked for a verbal consent as to which leg they were going to operate on. He than marked it and said they just needed to do that in the freak case that they did the wrong leg haha so I was glad to know that was not going to happen forsure haha!

**My mom had a nightmare the night before that they did accidently operate on the wrong leg haha! I have a very loving mom!!

Anyways back to my story...than the anesthesiologiat came and went through everything with me that he had to do. I told him that I really didnt want to wake up and he just laughed at me and said I watch to many T.V. shows and I will forsure not wake up :) Than the head nurse for my surgery came over and talked to me for a bit and than walked me into my surgery room. I guess that is a new thing where if you are fine to walk you walk yourself into your own operating room instead of being rolled in on a bed. But when we arrived there was no bed so the nurse just told me to wait there and she would be right back with a bed for me. So here I was upset with teary eyes standing in My operating room and there was my surgeon to my left on a computer, the anesthesiologist in th emiddle getting things ready for me and these other 2 women on the right side of the room completely in their surgical outfit, masks and all, preparing all these metal tools for me!! It was very overwelming but I tried to stay calm. I wrote this in my journal right after my surgery, this is how I explaing the room.

"It was actually very large, probably about the size of my parents bedroom but a perfect square. It has very bright lights and all white walls. On the right side was all this equipment and on the left side was other machines or tools that were large so they were set on wheels. Also on the left side at the front were a few computers, I am not sure what for but as I already said Dr. Buckley was using one when I came in. The doors I walked in were large white heavey double doors with little windows at the top and in the middle of the room where I was going to lay there were all these machines around it. I assume they were monitoring machines while I was out and I thought some of them were there for emergencies if something were to happen to me while I was out. But the thing I noticed the most were these huge round lights that were right above my bed! They were very large and within them there were all these circles with lights in each circle and they were low from the roof so they were right over my bed."

Anyways when I finally got a bed to lay on they had me take off most of my clothes except my small gown. They undid it before I layed down. The anesthesiologist gave me an IV and than the nurse put a mask on my face. They said it would only be about a minute before I was asleep but when they started giving me the medicine my arm burned sooo bad! But they were right....I was out instantly! The next thing I remember was I was laying on a bed still and there was a lady above me and I said to her, "I don't know If I want to do this surgery anymore." And she said to me, "Sweetie it is already over!" I started to cry. She gave me some morphine in my IV and said once my pain was under control I could go up and see my husband. She told me he was waiting in my room. When I got up to see Kyle I was very drugged but still in a lot of pain. I felt very sick but I was so happy to see Kyle! I was upset a lot that day wondering what did I do to myself!! My mom and Mindy and Logan arrived a few hours later and they stayed the whole time with Kyle and took turns being with me in the hospital the whole time I was there! It was nice to have visitors! Here are some pictures of my time in the hospital!
Ealry on Tuesday morning!
Kyle trying to make me be happy! I have a great husbnad!
My first picture after my surgery! Not doing so good :(
I was sooo glad I brought my pillow! But for those of you who know me...I bring my pillow everywhere!!

A few hours later when my Mom got to the hospital!
They first time they made me roll on my side! It is not very comfortable but I guess it is important haha! And of course my beautiful leg!
The big flowers I got from my dad and they arrived right after I got in my room and I cried! It was really nice to know he was thinking of me!
The other flowers I got from my cousin Kendra! She came to see me on my first day to! I loved it when visitors came!!
They made me get out of bed and try to walk the very next day! I was sooo scared I cried. They asked me if it was hurting really bad and I said it was nothing different than normal but I was just so scared it was going to! I did so well I ended up walking all the way into the hallway and a little bit more!!
Its times like these when you take something as little as sitting in a chair for granted!! I loved sitting in that chair haha!
I love my nephew Logie!! The only time he would sit still for a long period of time was when he was having a bottle and my sister let me hold him almost everytime he had one!! Thanks Mindy!
My very first outing! I got to go to the cafeteria for lunch :)
My auntie Debbie and counsin Tyson came to visit me from Taber and my Uncle Butch came and met them!

The first time they took my bandaids off! it freaked me out so bad because no one told me I had staples until I saw them!!
My counsin Kendra came another day to bring her new baby Preslee!! I was soo excited to see her!!
Logan's favorite new toy...Auntie Lissa's walker :) haha

Happy day!! I got to go home today and I also got to have a shower today for the first time!