Saturday, October 18, 2014

Asher is 5 Month's Old!

Wow the time is going by so fast these days. I just love where my life is at right now but let me tell you it sure is busy haha! There is never a dull moment having Noah around but Asher is developing his own personality as well. He is still a great baby! The best way to describe him is that he is just simply happy to be alive haha! It seems he is always just waiting to catch you glancing his way and he will instantly start smiling! He is also incredibly ticklish. You barely have to touch him and he will just start squirming. He loves having Noah around even though Noah loves him very roughly haha. It is hard to tell Noah "no" sometimes because Asher will end up laughing at him and then Noah thinks what he is doing is great haha. I guess Asher will just grow up tough.
Anyways heres are some notes about the past month:
> Asher had his first real meal on his 5 month birthday (October 16th). It was just baby rice cereal but he really loved it. It made him super excited and I felt that he did really well being his first time. Last night was your second night eating and you did even better. You ate a lot of what I fed you not spitting much of it out!
> Asher loves being thrown up in the air. It makes him really giggle and he has such a cute giggle. Sometimes it not even a laugh by more of a squeal haha.
> Asher still doesn't roll yet but I am expecting it to be any day now. We can't leave him alone in his swing or anything anymore without him squirming and wiggling his way out. All of a sudden you will look over and he will have his legs and half his bum hanging out the end of his swing haha.
> On September 23rd he had a chest x-ray just to check things out because of his acid reflux and they have to put little babies in this clear thing that makes them keep their arms straight up in the air. Anyways they warned me babies always cry and fuss but that is good because they can get a good picture then but do you think Ashe cried....nope. Seriously! I had people coming in and thought it was insane he was just sitting there haha.
> I put Asher in his crib for the first time for a nap this past month and he did great. Slept for hours and wasn't even scared of it being a new place or anything. I have been trying to do that more often now for his morning nap because it seems to be a quieter room in the house. I'm hoping it will make actually going to his crib full time easier. I'm a little nervous about them being in the same room. Not sure how soundly Noah will sleep having Asher in there. I can deal with one kid at a time but being ganged up on with 2 is hard especially in the middle of the night. Haven't had to deal with that yet!
> last but not least Asher celebrated his very first Thanksgiving weekend. It was a full one as always. We slept over night at my moms house on Friday so I could be there Saturday morning to help my mom cook the Turkey dinner. I have never done a turkey dinner from start to finish before so it was fun. Then on Sunday was Kyles parents turkey dinner. And then on Monday it was closing day of the golf course and there was a dinner that afternoon at my Uncle Ed's house for my extended family. It was honestly a fun weekend. Busy but fun.

Well here are Asher's 5 month photos!

Noah had to get in on the action!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 months and Noah's update

So life has been really great lately! I have really gotten the hang of this mommy of 2 thing and I feel that is mostly because my boys have been so good to me. Noah is his normal busy/crazy self but he absolutely loves Asher. And Asher...well Asher is just amazing. Such an easy happy baby. There is not much that makes him upset and he pretty much just does what you want him to all the time. I have truely been blessed with this boy. I feel he is the kind of baby that tricks you into thinking you could have another one because he is just so lovely and than BAM your next baby is a terror haha. But honestly the summer has gone by way to fast but it was has been wonderful. Really hot too!  

So notes about my boys...
Asher: I weighed Asher on August 1st and he was 13.97lbs but he was weighed again on August 21st and is 14.14lbs. He is a chunker. Doesn't look huge because he has such a little face and small head but his legs and belly are getting big. I moved him up to a size 3 diaper already because the smaller size was cutting into his legs. Babies need to be comfortable to I figure. But I compared Noah's baby book to Asher's and at this point Asher is a whole pound bigger then Noah was at this age. Asher started off smaller too. 
But Asher is so great, he sleeps through the night consistently now which is amazing. He is still happy to be in his swing all the time haha. The other day he layed on my chest and cuddled me the whole time Noah had a nap. It is so nice to have one on one quiet time with Asher because usually Noah is so demanding of my attention. He smiles all the time and is starting to laugh. Sometimes you just look at him and you can tell he is smiling behind his soother so I take it out and then he will smile even bigger. He LOVES to talk to people. A few days a ago I drove to cranbrook and Asher seriously talked the whole way to town. His little voice is so sweet. 

August 2nd
I caught Noah talking to Asher saying "hi baby" and then over and over kept saying "my baby" and kissing and rubbing his head. 
August 14th
Kyle and I went away for a few days to Spokane for our anniversary. We left Noah with my mom but when we came home I walked in the door and Noah jumped off the couch, came running over with his hands in the air yelling mama mama and then threw himself at me so hard I fell over haha. It was so cute. But then when he saw Asher for the first time clearly said "hi baby" and now he will not stop saying it. He says it all the time. Sometimes he will just be waking around and start saying "baby baby hi baby" haha. I guess he really loves his little brother too. It is sweet to see how much Noah loves Asher. I have been blessed with a very affectionate little boy. 

Here are some pictures of our life over the past month. 

Asher and great grandpa orth!! 

Me and Noah on the fort steel steam train on my 25th birthday. 
Noah and Logan truely love eachother!!

Blessed to have such fun cousins!
My mom and my boys!! We love you grandma!!

My favourite most recent picture of my little Asher baby!! I feel this picture pretty much shows his personality. Calm, content, happy...all of the above. He is awake a lot just happy to be alive I guess haha!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Asher is 2 months old!!

I feel like it takes forever for your baby to get here and then once they are born time just flies by and time goes by way to quickly! Asher is 2 months old already and I can’t believe it! He is such a sweet little boy he brings so much joy into my little family! Noah was a great baby, he has always been such a sweet boy but he had his difficulties with nursing and napping and soothers and he HATED his swing where Asher does all of that and more! I call him my dream baby haha! Its hard to imagine him not being here anymore. Like I was getting so used to like with just Noah and I every day but now that Asher is here that has just become my normal and I can’t even imagine going back to how things were before! Its funny how they just weasel their way into a special place in your heart and you would do anything for them from the first time you hold them in your arms!! I’m pretty sure Noah feels the same way about Asher that I do. He has had such an easy transition with Asher joining our family. I don’t ever have to tell Noah to be nice to the baby it is usually the opposite and I have to tell him to stop giving him kisses or get off of him because he won’t stop hugging him but he is actually just squishing Asher haha! He is such a sweet little boy but Noah has always been that way so it doesn’t surprise me how much he loves his little brother! It makes me happy that I had them so close when I think about how good of friends they will be as Asher gets older. 
Anyways more about Asher…he is always happy and content! He is just so great! he lives half his life in his swing i swear haha, he loves his soother which is a treat for me! He is already sleeping great at night. He sleeps till like 6:00ish already which is wonderful. But most often is more like 3:00 or 4:00. He goes to bed on his own in his bassinet but whenever he wakes up to nurse I just bring him into bed with me and nurse him laying down and then we always fall asleep and he just sleeps the rest of the night with me. He LOVES being cuddled! It is such a change from Noah. Noah would never lay down with me and likes his own space. Thats one of the reasons I loved nursing Noah is because it was time I could cuddle him and he was still haha. He was such a busy little man haha and still is. But Asher is also smiling up a storm now. He started doing it a little while ago but would only really do it for my mom. I could never get him to smile for me. I guess he knew he had to get his grandma wrapped around his finger as early as possible so he saved his smiles for her or something haha. Funny boy. But he is smiling like crazy now all the time! I Love it! Noah has his dimple (bum) chin but Asher has dimples in his cheeks that are so adorable!! They are very simliar in their looks in so many ways but they defiantly have their difference which is so fun! I think Asher’s hair is kind of a strawberry colour, its not white like Noah’s. They are both beautiful in their own unique way! I am one lucky Mama! Well here are Asher’s monthly photos from when he was 1 month old and also his most recent 2 month photos! I did monthly photos of Noah as something fun to do but it turned into something really great to look back on so I wanted to do something similar with Asher!

I love this picture! It looks like he is just kinda a little smirk haha!
Still not a huge boy but getting chubbier!! He is 12 lbs and 24 inches long

Happy Boy!!
Asher's first time swimming! 

I love my little family!! I am so very blessed to be surrounded but such amazing boys in my life, including my husband!!

My baby turned 2!!

I am not exactly sure how it happened but my baby turned 2 last week!! How did he grow up so fast...I can't believe 2 years has passed. Now I have our new little Asher baby and I feel like Noah should still be that little some days! Anyways we celebrated his first birthday Noah's first birthday on his actual day, July 8th, and it was a blast. I rented this bouncy house/water slide thing and it was a hit with all the kids. Luckily the weather that day was extremely hot too, like 36 degrees so the cold hose water felt great. The kids started playing around 3:40ish and there were still people and here till like 8:00pm haha it was a great day! I had a little pool that Noah's Nana Shirley and Papa Lloyd gave him as a gift and a big slide into it that the babies played with a lot. The big kids were just all excited and crazy on the bouncy house so they kinda just took it over haha. I had a puppy piñata that I ended up just doing with all the little kids which was really fun for them because they all got a bunch of turns and they all hit so soft it was a fun time for them! I had put all the piñata candy in individual bags inside to so then they all got the same amount. I figured all the little kids wouldn't understand what to do once it broke open haha. Anyways here are a bunch of photos from our fun day! We love you Noah!!

This is what the kids got to take home!

I loved Noah's puppy cake!!

All the kiddlets!
We love our Gramma!
My sweet birthday boy!

I think Kyle lit the candle and Noah blew it out a million times haha!
Asher seriously slept the whole party! It was crazy!


My cute matching boys!! I am one lucky Mama!!
Notes about Noah over the past few months:

April 28th - Noahs first night in his big boy bed and he seriously loved it! He slept great right from the first night. Sometimes he will wake up and just come into our room and we will just go right back in and lay with him in his bed and he will just cuddle you and you and go right back to sleep. He does so much better with going to sleep and even sleeping through the night again ever since he go into his own bed. He hasn't been sad or wanted back in his crib once! It has been a great transition for Noah! He was totally ready obviously.

May 6th - Noah has been really interested in the toilet for a while now and likes to flush it after you go and likes to go to the bathroom whenever Kyle goes and such. Anyways I've noticed most nights when I take his diaper off to go have a bath he pees right away so I have been getting him to sit on the toilet because he thinks it is fun. Well tonight he did it and he actually went pee! Like a big pee! He was so proud of himself. I am not potty training him right now and wasn't planning on doing it anytime soon but maybe I will just have to watch and see.

May 8th - Noah ripped off his diaper today so I asked him if he needed to go sit on the potty. He ran straight there and when I sat him on it he did a little pee. Crazy boy!

June 30th - Sweetest moment of my life today! Noah just layed quietly in bed while I gave him medicine and a sippy of milk because he woke up and isn't feeling well. Then when I layed down beside him he turned of his side, cuddled right up to me, closed his eyes, put his arm around me and started rubbing my back/arm. (His little arms aren't long enough to reach my back) Such a sweet boy I've been blessed with!

July 16th - Since Noahs birthday he has all of a sudden said a bunch of new words:
> Water! About a month before his birthday he would sometimes call water "wawa" but he actually can say water now.
> He says tractor which he has said for a little bit but it is clear to me now.
> The other day we were at my grandparents pool and Kyle was going to jump off the diving board and Noah went running up to Kyle yelling some kind of gibberish followed but GO very loudly. I think he was trying to say "ready, set, GO" or something!
> He handed me the ketchup bottle and said "more" when we were eating scrambled eggs the other morning. The only thing is things have to be Noah's idea haha. He doesn't use his words regularly yet but every once in a while he will just surprise you and start saying them. His understanding is great though. You can just ask him to put things in the garbage or bring you something and he will do it. When we are leaving the house I will always ask him to the turn the TV off and he will run and go do it. And also whenever we get out of the bath I always say ok lets pull the plug and then I will pull it but lately Noah will pull it himself now. He is becoming so smart!