Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 months and Noah's update

So life has been really great lately! I have really gotten the hang of this mommy of 2 thing and I feel that is mostly because my boys have been so good to me. Noah is his normal busy/crazy self but he absolutely loves Asher. And Asher...well Asher is just amazing. Such an easy happy baby. There is not much that makes him upset and he pretty much just does what you want him to all the time. I have truely been blessed with this boy. I feel he is the kind of baby that tricks you into thinking you could have another one because he is just so lovely and than BAM your next baby is a terror haha. But honestly the summer has gone by way to fast but it was has been wonderful. Really hot too!  

So notes about my boys...
Asher: I weighed Asher on August 1st and he was 13.97lbs but he was weighed again on August 21st and is 14.14lbs. He is a chunker. Doesn't look huge because he has such a little face and small head but his legs and belly are getting big. I moved him up to a size 3 diaper already because the smaller size was cutting into his legs. Babies need to be comfortable to I figure. But I compared Noah's baby book to Asher's and at this point Asher is a whole pound bigger then Noah was at this age. Asher started off smaller too. 
But Asher is so great, he sleeps through the night consistently now which is amazing. He is still happy to be in his swing all the time haha. The other day he layed on my chest and cuddled me the whole time Noah had a nap. It is so nice to have one on one quiet time with Asher because usually Noah is so demanding of my attention. He smiles all the time and is starting to laugh. Sometimes you just look at him and you can tell he is smiling behind his soother so I take it out and then he will smile even bigger. He LOVES to talk to people. A few days a ago I drove to cranbrook and Asher seriously talked the whole way to town. His little voice is so sweet. 

August 2nd
I caught Noah talking to Asher saying "hi baby" and then over and over kept saying "my baby" and kissing and rubbing his head. 
August 14th
Kyle and I went away for a few days to Spokane for our anniversary. We left Noah with my mom but when we came home I walked in the door and Noah jumped off the couch, came running over with his hands in the air yelling mama mama and then threw himself at me so hard I fell over haha. It was so cute. But then when he saw Asher for the first time clearly said "hi baby" and now he will not stop saying it. He says it all the time. Sometimes he will just be waking around and start saying "baby baby hi baby" haha. I guess he really loves his little brother too. It is sweet to see how much Noah loves Asher. I have been blessed with a very affectionate little boy. 

Here are some pictures of our life over the past month. 

Asher and great grandpa orth!! 

Me and Noah on the fort steel steam train on my 25th birthday. 
Noah and Logan truely love eachother!!

Blessed to have such fun cousins!
My mom and my boys!! We love you grandma!!

My favourite most recent picture of my little Asher baby!! I feel this picture pretty much shows his personality. Calm, content, happy...all of the above. He is awake a lot just happy to be alive I guess haha!