Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to school....Back to school

It is funny how even though Highlands is my work I still refer to it at my school. Anyways ya I am back at work. I finally started on October 26th and I only work 2 days that week. I have continued only working 2 days since then by next week I try going to 3 days. It isn't that my work is hard, I am enjoying it. It is just that I have been getting a lot of back pain and I am pretty sure it is due to going back to work. I have been just dealing with it because I feel like I just need to keep pushing forward but lately it has been getting worse. I feel like I am going backwards with my progress of getting stronger. I have been trying to still go the pool 2 times a week but I have to amit I have not been doing my at home exercises so I guess I need to get on that! I am going for a massage tomorrow morning which I am very excited about and than monday I am going to try and go back to my chiropractor. But other than that life has been good. The weather has sure changed a lot. It has gotten a lot of colder and last weekend it even snowed in Cranbrook. We still havn't gotten any snow out here yet but I don't think it is far away. On saturday Kyle and I put up all our christmas lights outside and cleaned up our deck and just outside stuff. It looks a lot nicer ot have things cleaned up and put away for winter. Now all we need is to hurry up and get to CHRISTMAS! haha I love christmas. The other day my Aunt Gerri put up her christmas tree...yes she does things a little early but it was so much fun helping her that we went home to my moms house and put up her downstairs christmas tree! Logan loves it. My mom bought this toy christmas train that goes around the tree in a circle and it is so cool. It is not just Logan who loves it! Haha anyways that is my update for now! bye