Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 months!!!

My little Noah is 8 months old already! I can't believe how fast time is going by. He is so much fun and so full of energy her defiantly keeps me busy. I guess I don't have much time to stop and think about the days going by. We are to busy living life and having fun! Noah was 8 months on March 8th but on March 11th (just a few days ago) I had him weighed and he was 19 lb 6 oz and 28 inches long. So big!! His weight is deceiving because I don't think he looks super heavy but when you pick him up he is a solid little man. Like he is not squishy he is just solid and he is the same size all around his body. I always make the reference that is like a brick. Haha!

We have been busy this past month. For part of it we were still in Texas visiting my sister Mindy and her kids which was great!! It was actually kinda sad to leave because for the first half of the trip Noah liked his cousin Logan but from a far. If he got to close or was to crazy Noah would start screaming. He was kind of scared of logan. That made me really sad because I loves Logs and Logs would always get very concerned as to why Noah was doing that. Sometime he thought he did something and thought he was going to get in trouble so I had to keep telling him that he didn't do anything wrong. But about half way through our trip Noah completely changed and LOVED logan. There were even times Noah was laying on the floor and Logan would sit right on top of him and he wouldn't even care haha. It reminded me of how Mindy and I were as kids together and how she was just always all over me haha. Noah was amazing on the plane ride home. I was pretty nervous for the trip home because we had a lay over in Denver which I was ok with but the flight from Denver to home I had to sit in the middle seat with Noah on my lap!! Now Noah is still a baby sure but he is a wiggly baby and does not like to sit still for long periods and when he nurses he kicks and such so I was nervous about all that because plane seats as not exactly roomy. So when I got to Denver and went straight to my gate and asked if there was any way I could be changed but there was no seats available on the sides anymore :( But they did however upgrade me for free to economy plus seating which did have more leg room which was great. Anything helped in this situation. But believe it or not Noah was amazing. The best flight yet. He put himself to sleep on my lap and was just content and happy the whole time!! I couldn't have asked him to be more amazing!!

Anyways also this month I started feeding Noah breakfast as well as his Dinner. His first breakfast was on February 18th and it was Pears and rice cereal. He liked it but I think the pears were either a weird texture or sour or something because after that morning he didn't really seem to love them very much. But they didn't make his belly sick or at least he didn't act like it so I just kept trying them every once in a while. Now he seem to really enjoy them. He had them for breakfast this morning and ate them quicker than I could give them to him haha! He also tried bananas, cauliflower, carrots and avocado this past month and seemed to like all of them. Bananas I think are on his top list of foods he loves!! Apple sauce still seems to make his belly hurt! I tried giving it to him again and it was home made apple sauce this time not store stuff and he had a horrible night again just like he did in Texas. So we will wait a few more months and try it again I guess.
I think we actually have the longer than 15 minute naps down! He only has 2 naps a day, one at around 9:30 or 10:00ish and one at 2:00 or 2:30ish. It has been so great now that Noah naps better. I mean he isn't always the best every day but believe me it is a million times better than before!! Yesterday he slept for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon!! I could not believe it!!

Now a few weekends ago I had probably the most challenging time with Noah I have had since he was born. I noticed on the Thursday that you were getting your second tooth and from then on it went down hill. Friday you were cranky and not very happy with anything and than that night you struggled going to bed but not to bad but you woke up at around 11:30 pm and didn't go back to bed until close to 3:00am!! But the thing was it wasn't that he was just awake, he was awake and cranky and when I would finally get him to calm down he wanted to be rocked a certain way and would not let me sit down and if I would accidentally shift my hold on him he would get instantly upset. It was horrible! And than all day Saturday just got worse! To start it all off I was exhausted from not sleeping that night and than Noah refused to got down for his morning nap which sometimes is ok but because he was already miserable it was not pretty. He wasn't happy no matter what I did, held up standing up or sitting down, rocking him, put him down anywhere. Nothing would make him happy. And if you gave him a toy he would just bite it so hard and yell!! Poor boy! But he almost made me loose my mind! He didn't finally go down for a nap until 1:00pm which was nice but he ended up napping in bed with me! I love baby cuddles but Noah is so busy it hardly ever happens. So yes Noah was two teeth now haha!

So Noah can't crawl yet but he rolls like crazy. Whenever he would roll off of our carpet in the living room I used to always go and move him right back on. But decided to stop doing that and just let him struggle a little to see what he would do and he was discovered a very interesting way of moving around the house. Well he will just roll wherever he wants to go and than lay on his belly, spin in a circle and start rolling again in a new direction. He will seriously do this all around the house haha. I have even found him under the kitchen table and than when you find him he just smiles and starts laughing haha. He is such a funny boy!

Noah also had his first big fall! It was my fault and I felt so bad. Noah and I were folding laundry on my bed and and don't usually leave him place like that alone because he moves a lot but I thought it would fine if I just ran quickly to go grab my ipad of the kitchen island but as I was just about toe enter the bedroom again I heard a very loud "THUMP" and than I see Noah laying flat on his back on the ground beside the bed!! My poor boy. He cried and just wanted me to hold him but it only lasted a few minutes and than he seemed perfectly fine! I'm sure this is just the first of many falls to come for this little man!

Our first Lloyd and Shirley Eby came back to our campground already. They come early every year which we love because we really enjoy their company. But Shirley and I took noah for a walk last week after we got a huge snowfall the night before and than we decided to build a snowman for Noah! The snow was perfect and it was a lot of fun. I havn't built a snowman in years! Noah didn't seem to care much about the snowman haha but he liked the snow! He loved to eat it. I'm guessing it felt good on his gums maybe. After I let me him taste it a few times I kept finding him rolled over on his belly in the snow and licking it haha! Funny kid!

Also last week I went out for dinner and a movie with my friend Haley and left Noah with Kyle for the whole evening!! It was sooooo nice!! I think I have only left him for Kyle to put him to bed a few times. I mean Kyle watches him a lot but I am only places like the church or other very close places so this was only the 2nd or so time I have actually left and went far away. I was pretty nervous! Not because I thought Kyle couldn't do it I just know how Noah is sometimes and how hard it is when he is difficult at bed time. I guess Noah went to bed fine but than he woke up a few hours later and was very unhappy. Kyle said he took him over an hour to get him back to sleep but when I came home I would them both sleeping together in our bed!! It was so sweet and I was so grateful that Noah has such a wonderful Daddy that loves him so much!!

Anyways thats all I have to say about the past month right now!! Sometimes I feel like I am writing a book and I am to long winded but I have decided that YES I am writing a book! I am writing my book. It is my book of my family and all our wonderful memories and I only hope my family appreciates all this one day!!

Valentines Day!!

Noah with our present for daddy!
All our fun on Valentines day!
I LOVE morning cuddles!!

Grandpa and sad teething Noah!

This is the picture of how I found Kyle and Noah when I got back from my date night with Haley!! They slept like this till around 4:00am when Noah woke up hungry.

First time playing in the snow! He kept rolling onto his belly and licking the snow. I think it felt good on his gums!!

Noah's first snowman :)

And there it two bottom teeth!!