Monday, March 28, 2011

Last ski day of the season

Kyle and I did a lot of skiing this winter and it was great! I went about 10 times I think and Kyle went about 7 or 8 times. For us that is a lot because we only go on Saturdays so that is a lot of weekends. This was our last ski day of the year. We went to Kimberly with Kyles dad, Hal and his sister Heidi. It was a lot of fun! Heidi had never skied at the Kimberly before so we had to take her to the best runs and of course the bear cave. This cave has been on that ski hill forever. I remember going there when I was very little and just learning how to ski. I actually have pictures there when I was little. Anyways the snow turned out to be great and it was a awesome day to end the ski season with!! I figure if you live where there is snow you might as well embrace it and make it fun and thats what skiing is for us! We love it!

In the bear cave!
Kyle, Heidi and Me in the entrance to the bear cave!

This is how we take a break haha!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally some pictures of Hawaii :)

So here are some pictures of our trip to Hawaii! I know there is a lot but I just couldn't decide on only a few haha! Anyways we had a lot of fun! We went with Kyle's brother Tyler and his wife Tessa. It was nice to get away and just have a fun holiday with friends! We got very lucky with the weather too. It was only yucky on the last day but we still had fun then too!

Kyle in a lava field. This was the first place we went swimming. There was great snorkeling and we saw 3 sea turtles! It was sooo cool!
Enjoying the beach :)
Kyle boogie boarding!
Kyle and I at Black Sand Beach!
Being silly! We all decided to climb this random tree that was fallen over. It was not very sturdy haha!

The outside lobby of the Grand Wailea Resort! This is where we went for our Luau one night :)
A very fat lady statue in the background haha! This was in the middle of the lobby!
Tessa and I got these fake tattos!
My fake tatto :)
One of the pretty Hawaiian dancers at our Laua we went to!
Today it was Sunday so we decided to take a drive up to a place 20 minutes away called Lahina! We ended up loving it there!
We had to stop on the way there to watch some whales jumping!
Me opening my first oyster!!! So EXCITING haha!
In lahina there is this HUGE tree that covers 3/4 of an acre! It was really neat!
Tess and I in the tree :)
On the boardwalk in Lahina!
Beautiful sunset!
At Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant in Lahina!! Soooo yummy!
So one day we decided to go on this day long drive called the road to Hana! It was so cool. But there was like a million water falls along the way. Some you could see from the road and some you had to hike to. This one we hiked to. The water falls were beautiful!

The peace rock I found haha!
Kyle and I at red sand beach!! Very cool expect this was a clothing optional beach and when we first showed up a man was just putting his pants back on. Lucky for us haha!
A crazy sign haha
On the road to Hana we went over 56 bridges!
Kyle decided to pose on the edge of a very very steep cliff :S
Indiana Jones Kyle :)

We decided to swim in this one. It was called the 7 sacred pools because down from this pool there are many more that all connect but waterfalls! It was very cool!
A random rock we found haha!
The morning we got up at 3:30am and went to watch the sunrise!! So beautiful! We drove to the top of this one volcano and it was pretty cold up there!
On our balcony
On the boat on our snorkel trip!
Tess and I snorkleing at a place called Turtle Town
Humpback Whales!! So exciting to see them! This is a baby one!
Love the pina colada's! This was at a reataurant in lahina one evening!

Boogie Boarding!

Our Condo
Maui 2011 :)
Tessa lost her flip flop in the water and we never found it haha!!
Climbing throuhg the creek up little waterfalls at the Ioa Needle Park!
This was our last day. We flew out at around 11:30pm that night :(
It was a great trip!! Loved it!