Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LA Baby!!

Day #1
Our trip begins!! I know this is a very long post but I had a lot of fun doing was kinda like a journal entry for me so I hope you like it! We got to LA in the early afternoon and really had no plans until later that night. So we went and picked up our rental car and decided to go driving. We ended up down on Rodeo street and Beverly Hills. There was some very beautiful houses there!! Very old but incredible. And they were all different which I found cool. Anyways this is a small summary of our trip:
This was a street in Beverly Hills somewhere that i absolutely loved because of the huge palm trees!! There were so many streets like this too, it was very neat!

Here we are outside the staples center where the Jay-Z concert was. They had this huge statue of Magic Johnson outside so we had to get a picture of course :)
We found our seats and were very excited for it to start!! It was really funny to see all the people there because we were like a fish out of water. I bet we were one of the few white people there! And all the ladies were in their glory wearing the shortest and tightest outfits they could find. Some even didn't wear a bra and let me tell you we could tell haha!!
There he is, Mr. Jay-Z himself. He put on a good show!
Kyle showing off his New York hat I got him for christmas. If your a Jay-Z fan you gotta have one :)

DAY #2
Today we went to Universal Studios!! It was such a beautiful day; we both put some light jackets in our backpack but we never took them out once. Instead we were constantly buying water so we wouldn't get dehydrated!! I love the warm is my favourite!! Anyways we spent the whole day there and had a was nice to run around and be careless!

I love this picture of Kyle and I!!Scooby Doo and Shaggy!!! There wasn't many character people walking around but when we saw these guys I had to get a picture with them!! Haha
Kyle with the Doc from Back to the Future!!
DAY #3
Here we are at California Adventure park! I was so excited to go to Disney land! Kyle kept laughing at me because I swear I was as excited as all the little kids around! I don't know why but I just love pretty much anything Disney!!
On our second ride of the day and as you can tell I am still very very excited to be here haha!!
Kyle infront of a fake wall!! It was from the other side of the park looking at it you really thought it was real until you got right close to it!
Later that night we had pretty much done everything there was to do in the California park so we decided to hop over to the Disney Land park because it was open till midnight! We went on a couple of the bigger rides so that we wouldn't have to stand in huge lines the next day. We watched the fireworks at the castle and saw tinker bell fly over the castle which was really cool. But on our way out we ran into Mickey Mouse and he let us get a picture with him!! Haha I was still very excited!!

DAY #4
We got up early today because we could only stay at Disney Land till the lastest around 4:00 because we had to drive down town to go to our next concert haha! Once again it was another beautiful day! So far we had had nothing but hot sunny weather everyday which was awesome because we were spending every day outside!!
Kyle and I on the log ride!! A classic old ride that you just have to go on!! I love this picture too!!
Us infront of the castle!
I love pretzels and so when Kyle came back with a Mickey Mouse shaped one I was very excited!!
I remember having a picture infront of these flowers when I went to Disney Land when I was a little girl!! I was excited to see it hadn't changed!
Later we took off back to down town LA to get ready for our next event.....BLACK EYED PEAS!!! I was very excited for this concert, Jay-Z was good and Kyle loved it but for me I absolutely love Black Eyed Peas!! They put on an amazing show too!! There was never a dull moment...there was always something exciting to look at the music was great.
If you look closely you can see the background dancers....they are dressed up an big speakers! They were really cool because when they danced they were all the same.

DAY #5
This morning we got up and took our car back to the rental place and Ren and Jessica drove up from San Diego and met us there! We were both excited to see them because Kyle has been wanting to go visit ever since his mission and I have just never met them before. (other than Ren as a missionary) We all hit it off right away and it was as if we had all been friends for a long time! We took some time in LA for a bit and drove through Hollywood and saw the Hollywood stars and the famous Chinese Theatre. They then took us to these natural tar pits. They were so funny because it was right in the middle of stores and homes and such. You would just be walking around in what looked like this nice grassy field and there would be black tar just bubbling slowly out of the ground, it was so weird. They had these exhibits where they show what they had found over the years buried in these tar pits. After that we just headed back to San Diego but of course we stopped at an In-N-Out burger along the way :) We were all kinda tired and Jessica was getting over a cold so we just hung out at home and visited! It was really nice to just relax actually! Jess and I ended up going to this farmers market in the afternoon which apparently they have every Saturday! I wish there was something every weekend like that around here. They had fresh apple juice, vegetables, bread, fresh fish and the best looking strawberries I have ever seen! It was really cool! Jess and I bought a bunch of stuff and we planned for a nice big breakfast the next morning for the boys!

Day #6
Ren and Jessica decided to take us for lunch at the this fun restaurant way out at the end of this long pier! It was really fun...the pier would sway sometimes with the was totally weird!
Us on the pier!
Kyle, Jessica, Gavin and I at the birch aquarium looking over the ocean! So pretty!!
Gavin and I trying on Kyle's hat, he thought it was really funny!!
This is the little man Baby G sporting his new home made tie from me :) Doesn't it look super cute!!

Over all we had a great trip! It was sure jammed pack with something exciting every day but when you have a busy lifestyle where it is hard enough to just get away sometimes you gotta do a lot in a small amount of time! We had a lot of late nights but it was fun. We havn't done something like this in a long time where we could just act like kids ourselves. We did stupid things like after every concert we would go to an IHop restaurant across from our hotel so we wouldn't get to sleep till 2:00am haha, even when we were tired when the California park closed at 10:00pm we went over to Disney Land because it was opened till midnight:) And we almost delayed our fight and didn't come over for a couple extra days....but reality has to set back in and real life come knocking :( But it was really great, Kyle had never been to Disney Land or any on the other parks before (other than Silverwood) so that was fun to experience and we made some really great friendships I think will last for a long time :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A day with the Kids!!!

When we were in Mexico we went and had a fun activity day at one of the children's homes! It was so awesome!! It was nice to have my brother-in-law Brian there too cause he speaks spanish so he was able to communicate so well with the children!! We had a car race, we played simon says, we had a water ballon toss, a water ballon throwing with towels, we had a water sponge relay, a water ballon fight and last but not least a water gun fight. This went on forever....the kids loved it! Especially when my mom went up to a little girl and asked for her gun, all confused the little girl gave it to her and my mom turned and squirted her! With instant smiles all the children watching soon realized all adults were fair game haha so we got in on all the fun!!
These children seemed to have nothing and yet they were so happy! Even though we couldn't talk to them the connection we bagan to make with these children was so great!! I love little children, they can always find a way to bring a smile to your face when you were the one trying to make them happy :)

My family! (missing my sister Jamie and oh husband Kyle!)After the pinata!! Their shirts are full on candy!
The sponge relay!!
These boys were so funny!! They really wanted our attention and loved getting their picture taken!
My mom doing the ballon throw!
This little boy was so took him all day to let us play with him but by the time we were going to leave he was all smiles and wanted to play!! Too cute with a part of the pinata on his head as a hat :)
This picture was taken during the sponge relay. What happens is your fill a sponge up with water and pass it over your head in a line and try and beat the other teams. But as you pass the sponge the water comes out and this little girl was not very happy when the water dumped on her head!! He face is way to cute!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break in Mazatlan!!!

A couple weeks ago it was spring break for all the schools so I had 2 whole weeks off work! It was really nice to have such a long break. I was planning on not doing much and just hanging out at home and relaxing. But my whole family was going to mexico during this time including my pregnant sister Mindy from Utah and so I was kinda sad I was being left behind. So Kyle came up with the idea that maybe I should go and lucky enough some last minute tickets went on sale and so 2 days before I decided i was going :) Haha I only went for a week while the rest of my family stayed for 2 weeks but it was still awesome! Kyle wasn't able to come but it was ok because he stayed home and took care of our little buddy:) Anyways I had so much fun. I was trying to figure out how long it had been since I had been down to Mazatlan and I figured out it was been about 3 years!! Crazy! There was so much new the building we stayed in this time was just being started when I was there last!! We got lucky and had amazing weather. It was around 30ish the whole week! Oh and I got to feel my sistes baby move in her belly! I was so excited! It will be my first nephew so I just can't wait for him to come!! Anyways here are a few pictures. My computer is taking forever to upload pictures onto here...I don't know why but it is so annoying!! So I will have to post some mexico pictures later!!

Me and Mindy in the hot tub on our deck enjoying our favorite
coconut ice cream!!! I wish they had this in Canada!!
Me, Mindy & Celia in a taxi going out for dinner!!! One price for as many people you can squeeze into the back of the truck! Haha thats all it is is a truck with a tarp over top! They are my favorite kind of taxis!
Boogie Boarding!! The waves were awesome this day!!
My sister Mindy and I relaxing on our favorite chairs!!
This is what me and my mom did when we were bored in the
airport....we were really bored haha!!