Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My sick little boy.....again!

So Noah came down with another bad case of bronchiolitis and we ended up in the hospital last night. Not fun at all but I am glad we made the choice to come in because he defiantly needed it. But I also learned so much about what is happening to him from the doctors this time. So in a way I am glad it happened so close to the last time because this seems like it is going to be a problem for Noah that we need to really watch for quite some time. So I am glad to understand it more and since then we have really been looked after well. Like my doctor has wanted to see me a few times since and she set us up with a respiratory therapist so all of our bases are covered. Anyways we have learned that when Noah come in contact with just a common virus if he reacts to it bad enough he develops a case of bronchiolitis which you could describe it as a very extreme asthma attack but very server in babies. This results in him becoming very listless and not very responsive due to him not being able to breath properly on his own. The doctors told us that another baby could come in contact with the same cold virus as Noah and all they could get it a cold or an ear infection where for Noah it will attack him with respiratory problems because that is just what he is susceptible to. It has been pretty scary at times having to watch my son struggle to great but I feel sade to say we have been in good care and have good plans to make things hopefully easier to prevent these type of problem in his future!! It is just so hard to tell when he is starting to have this probelm because it is just so sudden and literally within a few hours and the doctors have told me that once this starts happening to him there is nothing I can do at home we just have to come to the hospital. The doctor explained it to us in more detail saying that his bronchi tubes are swelling inward and so he can breath air in but can't push it out so eventually his lungs would just get so full there would be no more room for air to breath in and that is where the danger part comes in. So we have 2 different puffers we have at home, one a steriod that is supposed to keep a constant level on medication in his body to keep any minor inflmation down and the other is just his rescue drug that helps relax his muscles so we are hoping with those we can prevent any more of these events for the rest of the winter!!
This picture below Noah right now as I am writing this. After another long night in the hospital we are just waiting to be able to go home. Luckily we were able to get him to have a little nap this afternoon here because he is clearly exhausted!! My poor boy!! I only pray we won't have to come back here soon!! I never knew how hard it would be to watch your kids struggle and there is nothing you can do to help take the pain away. Mommy loves you Noah!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our New Baby!! #2

So yesterday was a very exciting day for me because I had an ultrasound which meant Kyle and I got to see our new little one!! It is so crazy for me to think this is happening because it seems to be going so quickly!! It must be because I have Noah to take up all my attention the only time I think about being pregnant is when I get dressed in the morning or look in a mirror haha! But yesterday was the day for us to find out what the gender was or not and Kyle said it was up to me this time but I decided to keep it a surprise! I actually surprised myself that I didn't find out because I always said I would with baby #2 but I didn't realize how much I would have loved the anticipation in the end with Noah. It was so great!! With Noah it bugged me a lot though like when it came to painting the room and buying stuff and picking out the bedding but in the end I realized none of that really mattered. I painted Noahs room fun anyways and he never slept in his crib till he was almost 6 months old it didn't matter if the crib wasn't decorated! I am going to go on a bit of a buying spree for this baby and just buy them on different reciepts and just have Kyle return the clothes for whatever we don't have so really in my mind what else would I do? Haha but of course it would be fun to no but I really want the surprise again! I am not as nervous as I was leading up the labour as I was with Noah but I know myself and I know I will be once it gets closer so I want that extra incentive to push through the hard stuff! Anyways my ultrasound was fun because the ultrasound tech was actually a friend of mine so she gave us a really great exam! Way longer and way more detailed than anyone with Noah! I got to see everything. It was very exciting!! But its crazy to think she knows the gender of my baby haha!
Well here our all the pictures from yesterday!! This is the newest member of our family!! Only 137 more days to go and hopefully I will be holding my new little bundle! Sometime between May 31st and June 2nd is when he or she is supposed to arrive.

My friend was trying to take a 3D picture but it is kind of hard because Cranbrook doesn't have the proper equipment so you have to free hand the pictures. Anyways this is a picture she got. If you look closely you can just see the baby's face and it is looking to the right. The nose is right at the end of the white stick. The long thing infront of the face is the umbilical cord. I love this picture! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Mexican Christmas!

So even with our rough start our trip was not ruined and we made it mexico with no problems! We arrived on the 21st of December and Mindy & Brian met us there the day after we arrived. Noahs initial recation to everything was pure excitment until he got to the ocean and he turned and ran as fast as he could haha. He was pretty scared of the ocean almost the whole 2 weeks we were there. He kind of warmed up to it by the time we left but when I say warmed up I mean he was ok with the sand but if the water came to close he was very quick to run and scream haha! The first day on the beach I had to hold Noah on my lap for probably over a half hour until he was ok to sit beside me on the sand. But despite that he absolutely loved the pool! We brought some water wings with us and by the second day in the pool he understood how to balance himself with them and he wanted to swim all by himself! It was very exciting to see his face as he was discovering this new exciting thing! We were in the pool at least once a day, sometimes twice! Noah got so good in the water he could jump in all by himself, go completely under and pop back up and just start swimming all with a smile on his face!! He absolutley loved doing that! Even though we were very far away from home Christmas morning was still great! Noah is a little small to understand things yet but Sanat brought him this big set of 6 different kind of John Deer tractors and he loved them! So even though he didn't understand what was going on it was fun to watch him smile with his new toys. As long as I have my family with me I am fine to be anywhere for Christmas! Christmas day we had a lady cook us a big turkey dinner and we invited the Robertson's over and my Aunt Tammy and Uncle Darrell and all my cousins were in mexico to so we still had a really fun get together with family and friends! Overall the trip was amazing! We had record high tempertures for December which was wonderful! I think I wore a light jacket one evening but I was the only one. We went out to a bunch of our favourite restaurants of course such as Taco Loco! I am pretty sure Kyle and the guys went there like 6 times! They love it! My mom took us to the this new little restauarant on the beach that was so secluded but it was great because the tables were in the sand so the kids just played the whole time! Kyle and I went down town twice and did some typical market shopping. We bought Noah and his 2 baby cousins at home matching hooded ponchos! They are were cute! But the second night we were down there we went for dinner at this sqaure and there was a live band playing songs for hours! It was so much fun. The kids danced the whole time! Kyle and I went for Linny, Ty & Jordan to go see the cliff divers one day. Just an excuse to get out. But probably my favourite thing we did was go the MazAuga!! It is a sweet waterpark in Mazatlan that is so cheep and the best part is there was so many rides and hardly any people and there are no rules haha so you can pretty much do whatever you want!! We got there when it first opened at 10 and we pretty much stayed all day! It was such a great day!! They have a great kids water park so even the kids had a great time!!
But while we were gone our family had a few first's that I wanted to write about:

> As I have already said Noah learned how to swim!! He will be 18 Months old on January 8th and I feel he is growing up way to fast!! But I love to see his big smile when he starts swimming. He is always so proud of himself!!

> I felt our new baby move for the first time in my belly! I think I have felt it a few times before but wasn't sure but I know I can feel it now. It is unmistakable!

> Noah learned how to say "no" by shaking his head. It is really nice because it is one more thing he can do to show me how he is feeling. But if you go up to him and just start saying "no no no no..." he will laugh and just start shaking his head no haha!

> Noah made his first animal sound. If I ever try and teach him animals or try to get him to copy me he just laughs or smiles but while we were in Mexico he really had a love for birds and being in the pent house you saw them fly by out on the deck all the time so we would always ask Noah where the birds were when he was upset as a distraction. Well one day I told him to call the birds and say "Tweet Tweet" and he copied me and said "Teet Teet!" It was so cute!!

> So Kyle taught Noah how to give high fives a while ago but he would only give them to kyle but while we were gone he started giving them to me and now he does it all the time!!

> Oh and I almost forgot not only did I feel our new little baby move my stomach has officially popped! I definatly look pregnant now which is exciting!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our sick little boy :(

So this christmas was a little different for our family. We decided to spend it in Mazatlan, Mexico! Counting down to the day we left was very exciting because we all couldn't wait to enjoy some nice warm weather but right before we left Noah decided to take a turn for the worst and we ended up spending a night in the hospital! At one point we weren't even sure if we would be going to Mexico with everyone but int the end all we wanted was for our little boy to get better. It all came on very quickly. He seemed normal the days leading up to everything, had a bit of a runny nose but nothing out of the ordinary. But then on Wednesday I had to come in early for a Midwife appointment and the whole drive to town he was very unhappy and cried and such the whole way. I left Noah with my mom and I wasnt gone very long, maybe an hour, but by the time I was done Noah had become very upset and not well. I went on with my day with my mom, let him have a nap there thinking he would be happier when he woke up but that didn't happen. It finally got to a point I got a little worried because his breathing started to get very weasey and forced that I tried to get into any doctor I could but had no luck. Finally at the end of the work day I finally got into one at 4:30 and they thoguht he possibly was developing croup which I wasn't completely sure if that was the case but I thought it was worth a shot. Anyways I went straight to the pharmacy to get the medicine and ended up waiting almost an hour and a half which was HORRIBLE!! If I knew it was going to be that long I would have left and came back because Noah was so unhappy. I was the one in the store with the screaming kid! But at first they just told me it would be no more than 30 minutes and they would push him to the front of the line. But they just kept coming out and saying a little bit longer. Well finally after the longest wait ever they said it was ready but when they were giving it to me they said, "Well we have this other medication that is the same thing but instead of a huge bottle it is just a small 5ml dose. Would you like that?" Of course I said yes because Noah had croupe about a month ago and giving him this medicine is torture for the both of us. But then he told me it would be another half hour and just broke down in tears. I was so embarrased but I couldn't help myself. It was a very hard day and all I wanted to do was go home and help my little boy! Anyways I oventually got home around 7:00 and kyle was up at his parents house some I went straight up there. We weren't even there for 20 minutes and Noah started throwing up everywhere and then went completely limp and white. His breathing was getting worse as the day went but by this time it was almost nothing and I got very nervous so we ran home, got some clothes and such and went straight back into town. Luckily we did because we ended up spending the night in the hospital. Your oxygen level is supposed to be around 100 normally and the highest Noah could ever get without help was around 80 which was scary. You could see it on the outside of his throut and chest him struggling to breath. And he didn't even squirm when they had to poke and check him or even when we would put the mask on his face. He was no very responsive it was very sad. Anyways they deiagnosed him with having bronchitis which I guess it pretty serious in babies so we were lucky that we caught it right away otherwise there woud have been no way we could have taken him to Mexico. He made an amazing recovery we were discharged the next afternoon. They gave us a puffer with a mask we had to give him every 4 hours even during the night and we did that for almost our whole trip.