Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our exciting news!!

So I have an announcement......I am pregnant! We are very very excited! My due date is July 23rd which is funny because it is 2 days before my birthday! Our families are both so happy. This will be my mom and dads 2nd grandbaby and as for Kyle's family...well Rylee is due in February, Tessa is due in April and I am due in July so it will be a really fun year for cousins and Kyle's parents getting there all at once!! But that will make 7 grandkids on the Anderson side! So many babies but it is all so much fun! I was 3 months on Sunday so I am already in my second trimester. It really doesn't feel like that much time has past. It still seems like July is so far away but I know it is gonna come really fast. Especially because I am working that makes days go by quickly. But I have been doing pretty good. We already got to have an ultrasound! It was our early christmas present to see our baby because we went on December 22nd and it was really neat! Here is a picture of our baby!! It is a little fussy because we scanned it but you can still understand it.


The Batter Bowl said...
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Mindy said...

That was me that commented before on your account. Lol. I just said that the ultrasound was a good one. Good thing you scanned it in!


I know! I am glad to because Kyle even went and looked through the dumpster and couldnt find them :(