Saturday, October 18, 2014

Asher is 5 Month's Old!

Wow the time is going by so fast these days. I just love where my life is at right now but let me tell you it sure is busy haha! There is never a dull moment having Noah around but Asher is developing his own personality as well. He is still a great baby! The best way to describe him is that he is just simply happy to be alive haha! It seems he is always just waiting to catch you glancing his way and he will instantly start smiling! He is also incredibly ticklish. You barely have to touch him and he will just start squirming. He loves having Noah around even though Noah loves him very roughly haha. It is hard to tell Noah "no" sometimes because Asher will end up laughing at him and then Noah thinks what he is doing is great haha. I guess Asher will just grow up tough.
Anyways heres are some notes about the past month:
> Asher had his first real meal on his 5 month birthday (October 16th). It was just baby rice cereal but he really loved it. It made him super excited and I felt that he did really well being his first time. Last night was your second night eating and you did even better. You ate a lot of what I fed you not spitting much of it out!
> Asher loves being thrown up in the air. It makes him really giggle and he has such a cute giggle. Sometimes it not even a laugh by more of a squeal haha.
> Asher still doesn't roll yet but I am expecting it to be any day now. We can't leave him alone in his swing or anything anymore without him squirming and wiggling his way out. All of a sudden you will look over and he will have his legs and half his bum hanging out the end of his swing haha.
> On September 23rd he had a chest x-ray just to check things out because of his acid reflux and they have to put little babies in this clear thing that makes them keep their arms straight up in the air. Anyways they warned me babies always cry and fuss but that is good because they can get a good picture then but do you think Ashe cried....nope. Seriously! I had people coming in and thought it was insane he was just sitting there haha.
> I put Asher in his crib for the first time for a nap this past month and he did great. Slept for hours and wasn't even scared of it being a new place or anything. I have been trying to do that more often now for his morning nap because it seems to be a quieter room in the house. I'm hoping it will make actually going to his crib full time easier. I'm a little nervous about them being in the same room. Not sure how soundly Noah will sleep having Asher in there. I can deal with one kid at a time but being ganged up on with 2 is hard especially in the middle of the night. Haven't had to deal with that yet!
> last but not least Asher celebrated his very first Thanksgiving weekend. It was a full one as always. We slept over night at my moms house on Friday so I could be there Saturday morning to help my mom cook the Turkey dinner. I have never done a turkey dinner from start to finish before so it was fun. Then on Sunday was Kyles parents turkey dinner. And then on Monday it was closing day of the golf course and there was a dinner that afternoon at my Uncle Ed's house for my extended family. It was honestly a fun weekend. Busy but fun.

Well here are Asher's 5 month photos!

Noah had to get in on the action!