Saturday, July 19, 2014

Asher is 2 months old!!

I feel like it takes forever for your baby to get here and then once they are born time just flies by and time goes by way to quickly! Asher is 2 months old already and I can’t believe it! He is such a sweet little boy he brings so much joy into my little family! Noah was a great baby, he has always been such a sweet boy but he had his difficulties with nursing and napping and soothers and he HATED his swing where Asher does all of that and more! I call him my dream baby haha! Its hard to imagine him not being here anymore. Like I was getting so used to like with just Noah and I every day but now that Asher is here that has just become my normal and I can’t even imagine going back to how things were before! Its funny how they just weasel their way into a special place in your heart and you would do anything for them from the first time you hold them in your arms!! I’m pretty sure Noah feels the same way about Asher that I do. He has had such an easy transition with Asher joining our family. I don’t ever have to tell Noah to be nice to the baby it is usually the opposite and I have to tell him to stop giving him kisses or get off of him because he won’t stop hugging him but he is actually just squishing Asher haha! He is such a sweet little boy but Noah has always been that way so it doesn’t surprise me how much he loves his little brother! It makes me happy that I had them so close when I think about how good of friends they will be as Asher gets older. 
Anyways more about Asher…he is always happy and content! He is just so great! he lives half his life in his swing i swear haha, he loves his soother which is a treat for me! He is already sleeping great at night. He sleeps till like 6:00ish already which is wonderful. But most often is more like 3:00 or 4:00. He goes to bed on his own in his bassinet but whenever he wakes up to nurse I just bring him into bed with me and nurse him laying down and then we always fall asleep and he just sleeps the rest of the night with me. He LOVES being cuddled! It is such a change from Noah. Noah would never lay down with me and likes his own space. Thats one of the reasons I loved nursing Noah is because it was time I could cuddle him and he was still haha. He was such a busy little man haha and still is. But Asher is also smiling up a storm now. He started doing it a little while ago but would only really do it for my mom. I could never get him to smile for me. I guess he knew he had to get his grandma wrapped around his finger as early as possible so he saved his smiles for her or something haha. Funny boy. But he is smiling like crazy now all the time! I Love it! Noah has his dimple (bum) chin but Asher has dimples in his cheeks that are so adorable!! They are very simliar in their looks in so many ways but they defiantly have their difference which is so fun! I think Asher’s hair is kind of a strawberry colour, its not white like Noah’s. They are both beautiful in their own unique way! I am one lucky Mama! Well here are Asher’s monthly photos from when he was 1 month old and also his most recent 2 month photos! I did monthly photos of Noah as something fun to do but it turned into something really great to look back on so I wanted to do something similar with Asher!

I love this picture! It looks like he is just kinda a little smirk haha!
Still not a huge boy but getting chubbier!! He is 12 lbs and 24 inches long

Happy Boy!!
Asher's first time swimming! 

I love my little family!! I am so very blessed to be surrounded but such amazing boys in my life, including my husband!!